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Glow Living by Chandra Lynn

Glow Living's founder is Chandra Lynn, MBA and Robbins-Madanes certified coach. The content provided here includes topics related to core values such as physical well-being; family relations; marriage/couple/intimate relationships; parenting; friendships/social relationships; career/employment; education/training/personal growth; recreation; spirituality; and citizenship/community. The content comes from experts in these areas as well as aggregated news and information from relevant and trust-worthy sources.
Glow Living by Chandra Lynn
Glow Living by Chandra LynnSunday, March 24th, 2019 at 2:30am
The potential we have is incredible! Keep pushing yourself to new heights ✨🌲
Glow Living by Chandra Lynn
Glow Living by Chandra LynnSaturday, March 23rd, 2019 at 4:20am
Both local women, both on a mission, and both supported by the like-minded group around them ♡
Glow Living's Community is for those willing to work on themselves for significant change in their life. This may be because:
🌞 The overwhelm of life areas are becoming too difficult to balance
🌞 Something out of your control took over your life, and what once grounded you is no longer providing you strength needed
🌞 You’d like to focus passionate energy on something that really makes a difference in your life, or in other people’s lives
🌞 You’re seeking best ways to pivot into something more fulfilling
Whatever it is, you have a place with others wanting to grow. Take a look at our site and see all ways you can involve yourself in the Glow Living community! #LoveLife #PersonalGrowth #HealthyLiving #EastBay #GlowLiving #RootoRise
Glow Living by Chandra Lynn
Glow Living by Chandra LynnFriday, March 22nd, 2019 at 1:20pm
Even when it feels your roots are broken, or your life's lost some of its purpose, there are so many forms of light we can turn to. A person? A passion? Family? Fitness? YourSELF? What is it that keeps you going?

This question isn't easy to answer. It may take some genuine time, but to know this can change the way you handle emotions and decisions in a healthy or unhealthy way. What feeds your light? #GlowLiving #PersonalGrowth #HealthyLiving #RoottoRise #LoveLife
Glow Living by Chandra Lynn
Glow Living by Chandra LynnFriday, March 22nd, 2019 at 12:00pm
Overcome the Overwhelm 😌😩😜 -
Glow Living by Chandra Lynn
Glow Living by Chandra LynnWednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 12:40pm
Some feel they were born on a mission; others may never clearly see their purpose here in this lifetime. An insightful member of Glow Living self-discovered during our Root-to-Rise Program, acknowledging that her purpose is her decision.
💞Our purpose IS a decision. However you'd like to navigate your life, it is you who is in the driver's seat. Trust that you've built the foundation that will support you towards your ultimate destination.
If your foundation feels broken, unsteady or unclear, please give our site a look. We have programs that provide community and a legitimate framework that promotes personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. #LoveLife #GlowLiving #RoottoRise
Glow Living by Chandra Lynn
Glow Living by Chandra LynnWednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 12:05pm
♥️ Find your support system ♥️ Have you recognized how much easier it is to go though tough times when you know you have love and support around you? Sometimes you don't even use it, but knowing it's there makes all the difference. Glow Living fosters a community of like-minded individuals who support each other's journey of personal growth.
🌳🦋🌳Drop your email into our site, and you will get updates when our next community gathering is - local or through online platforms! #LoveLife #FriendRoot #GlowLiving #RoottoRise #Community


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