What do you want to be known for?

What do you want to be known for?By Chandra Lynn One of my brilliant friends and Glow Circles member Tara Callahan asked me what I want people to understand about my efforts with Glow Living. When I started to explain my intentions, she stopped my long-winded answer and said, “no tell me in 5 words!” Hmmmmm. After some thought, I

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Leading During Difficult Times

Leading During Difficult Times  By Chandra Lynn  Are world events weighing heavy on you? From senseless killings and celebrity deaths to political shenanigans around the globe, its hard to feel light-hearted these days. Even though things are going well in my own life, I feel negative emotions in response to the news.  Marianne Williamson reminded me that we are not

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Glow Circles Member Josh Hart Stopped Heroin and Started yogaffordable.com

Glow Circles Member Josh Hart Stopped Heroin and Started yogaffordable.com Read Josh’s Journey and Check Out This Beautiful Resource for Recovering Souls Who Need a Bit of Light   Josh’s Journey As an adopted child growing up I always felt out of place, never fully in my skin. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when I was born and for the

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Re-ignite Your Passion!

Written by Glow Circles Member Kelli Richards A topic has been brewing in my mind over the past couple of weeks that I wanted to touch on today; and that is the power of enthusiasm, energy and vitality. I think what sparked it was going to a couple of concerts during the past couple of weeks — Rick Springfield and

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Fathers, what will be your legacy?

Fathers, what will be your legacy?   By Chandra Lynn  Whether you are a father, have a father or admire someone who is a father, you will probably agree that it is a challenging role. A father is someone who provides to the best of their abilities, and often makes personal sacrifices for the support of others. Sometimes the fathers

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Why am I here?

 By Ravisankar Nadiyam A Student of Life (and Glow Circles Member) Is there a purpose to life? I used to think that I am here for something and finding that out is my journey. This thought started off when I observed the differences between people and thought to myself – Why does one person have two healthy feet while one

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