Chandra Lynn, M.B.A. & Certified Coach

Entrepreneur and owner of two businesses, Chandra Lynn inspires people to love life.

She leads Glow Marketing LLC to help executives meet business and career goals. Core services include coaching, strategy, branding, creative development and customer engagement through promotions and events.

She is also the founder and host of Glow Living (GlowLiving.com), a lifestyle brand and personal development platform for individuals and corporate wellness featuring her signature training system, Root-to-Rise.

Prior to launching her own businesses, Chandra held management positions at legendary entertainment producers and media. Most notably, Avid Inc., Tickets.com, Bill Graham Presents/Live Nation, New Bay Media, San Francisco Magazine, and KFOG Radio/Cumulus Media, Inc.

Chandra currently balances business consulting, life coaching, creating educational and entertainment programs, public speaking, and being the best mother she can be. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is into yoga, fitness and vegetarianism for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Glow Living
Love Life

Glow Living’s mission is to foster a community for personal growth and healthy living. Through sharing life skills, advice, training and resources, Glow helps its members live to their highest potential. We aim to educate and support our members to “glow inside and out” with content that centers around living a healthy, balanced and thriving lifestyle. Our community is a tribe that is banded together through this site, social media channels, and events to support each other to grow on a personal level. Currently, Glow offers a training program called ‘Root-to-Rise’, personal coaching, merchandise, and events. Check out these testimonials in the Glow Living playlist:

Glow Marketing LLC
Be Remembered

Founded in 2000, Glow Marketing LLC specializes in branding and integrated marketing. We bring together scalable task-forces of creative talent to deliver impactful results. Our strength is delivering the highest level of flexibility, creativity and cost savings. We excel at branding and strategy as well as tactical implementation of promotions, web development, social networking, events, creative services, and audio/video production. Our integrated approach to marketing increases brand equity and helps clients be remembered. Visit www.glowmarketing.com to see our portfolio and learn more about us! Check out some Glow Marketing videos in this playlist:

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Note from Chandra…

Have you ever heard someone talk about getting called into service? Well, I never really understood it until now. Looking back, I realized it happened to me at a really early age, like 13, but I just ignored it.

It’s always been right in front of me. My grandparents were psychologists and I’ve always loved to help people. There has been no greater honor for me than having someone open up to me about a problem, and I’ve always taken great responsibility in giving good, meaningful advice.

Despite hearing phrases like “Follow Your Dreams” and “Live with Passion”, I kept this aspect of myself as a hobby. I got an MBA in marketing at 24 and have spent my whole career cultivating an impressive resume and network of contacts.

In January of 2000, I launched my own agency, Glow Marketing LLC, and its still going strong. I work with companies looking to “be remembered” and also specialize in personal branding for solo entrepreneurs who are looking to create brands that are born out of purpose-filled passions.

A few years back, I felt an urge to grow on a more personal level and spent two years on a coaching certificate from The (Tony) Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. I liked the premise of helping people achieve the most transformative, life-changing results in the shortest amount of time. It’s proven to be powerful and I have since coached people in an even more significant way than before.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and different ways to live fully and authentically. Now I’ve created something new. Something that allows me to connect with my higher purpose. Something that genuinely makes a difference in people’s lives and helps contribute to a happier planet. A legacy…Glow Living and my training program Root-to-Rise.

I believe that if we are authentic to ourselves, follow our hearts, and help each other, we can live truly happy lives and even raise the positive vibration of the planet. I am grateful for your time and attention, and looking forward to meeting you personally one day soon.

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