How Disney World Led Me to Glow Living’s True Purpose

By Chandra Lynn

castleSomeone asked me why I’m creating Glow Living. Why is this such a hard question? At first I thought its to help people. But really its not. Of course I want my efforts to ultimately help people, even if its just because they saw something that made them feel like they’re not alone in the world. But I realized that this is not what’s really driving me. Oddly, I figured out what is on a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida during Spring Break, the busiest time of the year!

I spent a week visiting all the Disney parks, staying in a Disney resort and not leaving the Disney “vortex”. Each day, I felt my heart constricting more and more as I saw the throngs of people that all seemed so different from me. They seemed to like the low quality, fattening food that I hated. They seemed to love the fakeness of everything. I looked at the sea of people and had a scary thought…this population sample represents the majority of Americans and I can’t relate to any of them. In general, they seemed pushy, impatient, sugar and fried food guzzling, and completely unaware of other people around them.

IMG_4353With that said, they were all trying to deal with very unnatural and taxing circumstances to create special memories with their families, and that is a form of connection I can support. And, please don’t be offended if you love Disney. I was raised loving their work too. I am a huge fan of their creativity and am mainly concerned about the horrific food options, over-merchandising, and inflated prices.

So, while hating on all of that (not very yogic of me, I admit!), I realized the very reason I’m creating Glow Living is to connect with my tribe!! My tribe is not going to be the masses, its going to be individuals who are willing to do the hard work it takes to grow as well as contribute. And, in truth and a better attitude, I’m sure every one of the people in the throngs has something interesting about them… some with amazing life stories and some that may truly connect with what Glow Living is all about. 

IMG_4346In addition to witnessing shear joy on the face of my 10-year-old boy Kai and his friends, my Disney experience led me to Glow Living’s true purpose. It’s to create a beacon on the world wide web that summons those souls who resonate with the site’s content — a reflection of my beliefs— and value what my experts and I have to give. I’m creating a community site where we can come together and share our humanness, spiritual journeys, relationships and other experiences to help facilitate a healthy mind, body and spirit. I know its lofty, but my grander hope is that this will somehow help to raise the positive vibration coming from our planet to support the greater Universe. And if it ends up being completely insignificant, it will be worth it because its my expression, my art. 


It Was All For This Guy!

I have pushed past my limiting beliefs about others and my self doubt to proudly present Glow Living as a platform for us to connect and learn from each other. It may not be the most magical place on Earth, but together we can make it the most authentic source for personal growth and well-being in the world.



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