Introducing Glow Circles – Women’s Empowerment Group

Introducing Glow Circles – Women’s Empowerment Group


Glow Living Strengthens the Global Movement for Women’s Empowerment with the Launch of Glow Circles

Certified Coach-Run Women’s Circles Dedicated to Helping Members Achieve Balance and Goals for Positive Impact

Lafayette, CA, May 1, 2019
 – Glow Living (https://glowliving.com) is proud to introduce Glow Circles, a women’s empowerment group for those who want to achieve personal and professional goals that positively impact the global society.

“Women have been known to circle since the Dark Ages as a way to share resources and support each other, yet one of the biggest complaints I hear from women today is feeling alone while striving to make a difference,” states Chandra Lynn, M.B.A., entrepreneur, certified coach and founder of Glow Living and Glow Marketing LLC. “Glow Circles is my answer for authentic women who want to make a significant contribution while increasing their own personal connection, balance, and fulfillment.”

Glow Circles is a membership program with both free and paid benefits that encourage women to dedicate time to meet major life goals through transformational coaching, supportive group dynamics, and accountability. Online and in-person (for residents of the San Francisco Bay Area), the program leverages the effectiveness of Glow Living’s signature Root-to-Rise training program and the ancient power of women’s circles to deliver results. Based on nature, yoga philosophy and human needs psychology, women will learn techniques for improving live-work balance, clearing personal obstacles, and creating a legacy based on a higher purpose.

Lynn uses her experience as a marketing professional that has worked with global brands (Apple, Avid, Mercedes/smart, Tyra Banks) to help the business-minded members connect with their authenticity while they incubate and launch purpose-built entrepreneurial businesses.

“Chandra is an excellent coach to those looking to thrive in their professional and personal lives,” states Ginny Townsend, founder of GinnyTownsend.com. “Her genuine love for helping people comes through in her commitment to excellence, delivering results, and creating a transformative experience in each of her programs. She has a unique ability to clearly see the root cause of a block or barrier, then she not only shows her clients what’s possible in their lives, but she also empowers them to bring their dreams into reality with her compelling strategies, tools, and resources.”

Weekly individual coaching, group support, office hours, and online training materials set members up for success towards living what Lynn calls “an 8-9-10 level of life.”

“Chandra reminds me that I can live my life to the 8-9-10 level,” explains Erica Bradley-Pacheco, Senior Marketing Advisor at Compass and Glow Circles charter member. “Being part of Glow’s community has helped me improve my connectedness with friends, find a calming peace in my romantic relationship, improve confidence in my parenting, and gain clarity on how to maximize my career impact.”

Those interested have the opportunity to attend free group calls and start with a 12-week membership commitment to focus on the accomplishment of a major goal. With that success, they can then opt to become an annual member of the Glow Circles community. The annual membership deepens a feeling of belonging and connection to a non-competitive group of growth-minded women — all gathering to be the best version of themselves while making a difference and loving life.

Interested parties can sign up for free online meetings and take a free readiness quiz to see if the paid program is a fit. The cost of the 12-week program is $1,997 US and the annual program is $5,997 US. For more information, visit https://glowliving.com/glowcircles or contact Glow Living at info@glowliving.com or 650-464-5708.

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Glow Living is a hub for personal growth and healthy living resources for everyone looking to reach their highest potential with a purpose-filled life. On a mission to help people live their legacy and love life, Glow Living offers a membership program called Glow Circles and a signature training program by Founder and Certified Coach Chandra Lynn called Root-to-Rise that is available online and in live workshops for individuals and corporate wellness.



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