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    Our History
    Hensen Industrial (HK) Limited is an industrial and trading company, we supply tailor-made power tillers, gasoline generators, gasoline engines and gasoline water pumps, etc. We supply our products with unique designs, automobile-level painting and all-in-one useful attachments, 2-year long guarantee ensured trouble-free after-sale service. Established in Jan. 5, 2010, with 9 years dedicating in the field, Hensen has transferred itself from a pure trading company into a industrial based trading company with 3 factories, all of which are located in Chongqing city, China.
    Product Application
    Power tiller: to prepare a smooth and loose seedbed by cultivating the soil and kill weeds. It is used for cultivating virgin land and soil renovation for household garden, yard, hilly farmland. It could increase working efficiency.
    Gasoline generator: to generate electricity source for backup or emergency purpose. It is largely used for household, restaurant, shop, supermarket, hotel, bank etc when power supply is shut down.
    Gasoline engine: a gasoline powered internal combustion engine which could provide power to other machines such as gasoline generator, water pump, power tiller, tamping rammer, concrete cutter etc.
    Water pump: a self-priming powered by a gasoline engine, which could be used as irrigation tools for gardens, orchards, small farmland, or water drainage system for canals or ditches and other places where water is unwanted.
    Our Certificate
    CE, ISO quality management system certificate, EC certificate
    Production Equipment
    Production assembly lines, crankcase cleaning machine, gas impermeability tester, gasoline generator on-line testing system, gasoline generator power testing system, water impermeability testing station for tiller gearbox, packing machines.
    Production Market
    Russia: 3 dealers and over 1.5 million USD/year, Romania: 1 dealer and over 0.8 million USD/year,
    Bulgaria: 1 dealer and over 0.8 million USD/year, Belarus: 2 dealers and over 1.2 million USD/year,
    South America: 1 dealer and over 0.5 million USD/year
    Our Service
    Pre-sale service: we always discuss details with our customers and fully understand what customers really need, and evaluate whether we could satisfy our customers’ requirement.
    Sales service: we keep communicating with our customers regarding the detailed specifications, color systems, painting and coating processing, attachment application standards in order to offer 100% tailor-made products.
    After-sale service: we provide 2-year long quality guarantee to ensure trouble-free purchasing and using experience for our customers. During the two years, all genuine parts will be provided free of charge once production quality defects found to our products. Our service specialist will follow up the performance of each batch of products sold to our customers.Motor Cultivator


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