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    The half moon shaped pizza dish is a versatile cookware for baking recipes from pizza to bread to dessert. The stone dissipates heat for uniform baking and browning, and the ceramic absorbs moisture from the outer surface of the dough for the hardness of the brick furnace. Pizza/baked stone keeps heat, so your food stays hot for longer. HALF MOON STONE: Half moon shaped baking stone turns your EGG into a brick oven, perfect for making bread, desserts and other baked goods. With Half Moon Baking Stone, you can indirectly cook half of the cooking grid while keeping the other half of the grid available for grilled meat or vegetables. Large green egg half moon roasting stone
    Suitable for more crisp, better baking shells
    Suitable for fresh and frozen pizza
    Also suitable for baking bread, bread rolls or biscuits
    The stone is heated evenly, so there is no hot spot
    Product Highlights:
    Stones emit heat, evenly bake and brown
    Make the perfect pizza on your Big Green Egg or other grill
    Suitable for medium, large and XLarge green eggs
    Product advantages:
    You can only cover half of the Big Green Egg grill so you can keep cooking, baking or baking. If you are busy eating dessert, you don’t have to choose between a barbecue pineapple or a baked chocolate cake. This is a perfect match with the half moon baking stone. With Baking Stone, you can instantly turn your Big Green Egg into a mature outdoor oven.
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