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    Module Resolution:52*52dots
    Module size:250*250mm
    Pixel pitch:4.81mm
    Pixel sensity:43264
    Lamp bead:2121
    Average consumption:400w/sqm
    Max power consumption:800w/sqm
    Best view distance:5-100m
    Best view angle:160`

    Easy to install and maintain, with the screen, you can change your stage style freely, just change the pictures, colors or video

    Delivery and shipping: Generally speaking, the production and assembly time is within one month. And our PMC will offer you the right time before you placing the order. Then we will arrange the shipment to your sea port with the solution we drawing for you.
    To show your company name, shop name,or other notification content freely.It can show the content to further cusotmers than P6

    Principle of Transparent LED Display Screen

    Transparent LED display screen, also known as LED transparent screen, as its name implies, has transparency is its greatest feature. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation mode. Transparent LED display screen is actually a kind of LED display screen, which has certain commonalities with conventional LED display screen. In the aspect of display technology, transparent LED display screen belongs to self-luminous display like conventional display screen, which is different from projection and back-projection display technology. It can play dynamic video and picture independently without any other tools such as projection. In the aspect of product material, transparent LED display screen uses aluminum box and ultra-thin PCB board, which can integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment and is basic from a distance. In terms of product structure, transparent LED display screen combines with louver structure principle to form transparency through the gap generated by lamp bar alignment, which will not affect indoor lighting, and can play dynamic advertising information such as pictures and videos after lighting.Indoor Led Screen factory


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