• kfe897 posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Description: Best Quality Makeup Kit in a Delicate Box including 2 pcs. Lip Gloss, 1 pc. Lipstick and 1 pc. Round Eyebrow Pomade. It’s the Latest Makeup Kit in 2019, and it’s of the Best Quality.
    1. All the components are black in outer look, so it looks super high grade.
    2. One of the lip glosses can be made in matte color for you, then it becomes liquid matte lipstick.
    3. If you want add something other in this makeup kit box as gift for women, we can make it for you, as is to say, we offer OEM service for you.
    4. The space of this makeup set gift box is enough, if the consumer want to put other thing in this box before sending them as gift to his friend, it’s easy to make it by himself, so it can be as the material or makeup gift box for DIY.
    Tag 1: Best Quality Makeup Kit 2019
    Tag 2: Makeup Kit Gift Box for DIY
    The Size of the Makeup Kit Box: 16.4*13.1*3.9 cm
    The Detail of the Package Style: The whole set in a colorful hard paper gift box.
    MOQ of OEM: 1000 dz. setsChina Makeup Kit Box suppliers


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