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    About Us
    Hongxiang was founded in 1990, located in the hometown of China diamond, mainly engaged in the production of diamond powder and diamond tools.
    Mainly product:
    Synthetic diamond, diamond micron powder.
    Synthetic diamond grit range:
    30/35-500/600: mainly used to kinds of diamond tools for cutting, drilling, grinding etc different field.
    Micron powder grit from 0.1um – 50um, used to surface polishing in different field.
    Total output is 100 million carats per month.
    Diamond tools, including diamond drill bit, diamond wheel, diamond saw blade etc for glass, stone, ceramic, carbide etc industrial.
    Diamond stone tools are mainly used for cutting, drilling and grinding of various kinds of stone, such as marble and Huanggangyan; they are used for cutting and punching of various tiles and walls; they can also be used to cut precious stones such as diamonds, Sapphire, agate, jade and so on.
    Hongxiang focus on diamond industry over 30 years, insist on the quality development, integrity management. Now has 19 patents and ISO, GSG, and other qualification certificates, customers spread all over the 162 countries.
    We have what you need! Welcome to inquiry.
    Because of my focus on professionalism, I have been focusing on the diamond field for 30 years to improve product quality and provide you with better products.Diamond Core Drill Bits For Pavement Or Wall factory


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