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    Manufacturer introduction
    The manufacturer is a sports goods company based on the production of diving materials. The company has a dozen years of work experience in the professional and technical team, and has advanced machinery and equipment. The company mainly produces NEOPRENE、SBR、CR(diving suit material)、EVA foaming material(and provide EVA special processing)、PVC foaming material and so on. The company has advanced NEOPRENE splitting machine, laser cutting bed and joint processing equipment and technology that professional chopping various kinds of rubber sponge and so on.
    1.Product minimum quantity: Each product minimum order quantity is 1000. If customer demand quantity is lower than the minimum quantity, the unit price will increase slightly.
    2.Order contracts: the two sides confirmed the product style, quantity, color, unit price, material and so on. And then sign the order contract. All matters shall be subject to the provisions of the contract.
    Providing you with the pricelist and quotation consultation, SOBAO is committed to producing high-quality neoprene outdoor sport hard-wearing diving gloves, which is one of the best such manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy discount neoprene outdoor sport hard-wearing diving gloves made in China with us.Gloves for divers Made in China


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