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    Oxidized polyethlene wax Physical and chemical properties:
    1.Product name:Oxidized polyethlene wax
    2.Appearance:Yellow powder
    3.Acid value:10-20
    4.Soften point:95-105
    5.Molecular weight:2000-3000
    6.EINECS coding:200-815-3
    7.Molecular formula:(C2H4)n
    8.CAS coding:9002-88-4
    Oxidized polyethlene wax Application:
    Mainly used for WPC & foaming material product, such as: PVC WPC foaming profile、plate、WPC building template、foaming profile、foaming board etc rigid product.
    Related product:
    Product Appearance Application
    AC6Awhite powderimprove PVC mould release character lubricant
    3316A/1816white powderpromote PVC plasticizing capability lubricant
    G60granula/flakeinternal lubricant
    OPEgranulaimprove mould release character lubricant
    Stearic acid1801granulainternal lubricant
    EBSwhite powderinternal lubricant
    LH-705granulacompound lubricant for pvc foaming board product
    LH-703granulacompound lubricant for pvc foaming profile product
    Product packaging:
    2.Paper plastic bags, lined with PE film, moisture-proof.
    3.20Feet container :16tons~ 16.8tons; 40feet container :25tons
    4.One pallet can hold 40 bags, the net weight of one pallet is 1000kg.
    Our product scope:
    Our main product is Eco-friendly Ca/zn stabilizer,Acrylic impact modifier agent,PVC processing aid,PVC foaming regulator,foaming agent,lubricant and other new chemical material; the product is mainly used in WPC&PVC window profile, foam board(Furniture board,Advertisement board,construction board)product, wpc wall board, WPC and SPC floor,pipe and fitting,cable and shoes product.We can provide production processing formula and engineer training service,to meet customer requirement on producing.PVC Lubricant in stock


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