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    SMP connector for semi-flexible cable
    Huading’s SMP connector for semi-flexible cable including straight SMP connector, right angle SMP connector, flange mount SMP cable connector, Jack and Plug SMP cable connector. Series SMP is one of the subminiature connectors, the frequency range up to 40 GHz. It is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles. It is available in smooth bore, limited detent and full detent styles.
    Impedance50 Ω
    Frequency RangeWith flexible cable: DC ~ 12.4 GHz
    With semi-rigid/flexible cable: DC~40GHz
    VSWRWith flexible cable ≤1.15+0.02F
    With semi-rigid/flexible cable ≤1.1+0.02F
    Withstanding voltage500V
    DurabilitySmooth bore: 1000Cycles
    Limited detent: 500Cycles
    Full detent: 100Cycles
    Insulation Resistance5,000 MΩ minimum
    Temperature Range-65°C to + 165°C
    Body and Outer ContactsBrass, gold plated
    Inner ContactBeryllium copper center, gold plated
    Crimp FerruleCopper
    What benefits you can get from buying from Huading?
    1For every order we can guarantee that you can have consistent quality and good services
    2For any technical problems we have professional engineers to offer solutions for you
    3You can get quality products from us at reasonable price
    4We are happy to deal with any problems you meet with before /during/after buying from us
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