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    Product name : plastic bottle shredder

    There are many kinds of plastic bottles , requirement to the shredder or crusher of each of them is also different.

    For example :

    1.small pet drinking bottle of 250mm or 500mm or 2.5L or 5 L . a high speed crusher is okay for them . milk bottle , oil bottle, chemical bottle etc, same as above.
    2.Big mineral water bottle on the water dispenser , it need double shaft shredder. And it is better to press it before shredding .
    3.But if client is willing to choose our four shaft shredder , the bottle can be throwed into the four shaft shredder directly.

    Showing picture of crusher, double shaft shredder, four shaft shredder as below.

    1. crusher
    2. double shaft shredder
    Oblate plastic bottle or drum , making them easier to be grasped by the blade
    3. four shaft shredder
    The upper two rotator grasp the bottle or big drum or other container and press them automatically. So the bottom two rotators can shred the bottle or drum or container easily.

    China two shaft shredding equipment


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