Kathryn Keown, producer of The Retreat Napa, booked Glow Living Founder Chandra Lynn to speak to the guests about personal growth and healthy living for the third year in a row!

The Retreat Napa is 5-days and 4-nights of yoga, fitness and personal growth taught by some of the finest instructors in California.  This year, The Retreat Napa will be held from June 19-23 and July 24-28 on a private, historic 20-acre ranch in sunny, beautiful, historic California Wine Country.

When asking for guest feedback about the retreat, Kathryn received this quote:

“I took a lot away from Chandra’s meeting with us. What I got most was my one on one with her at the pool afterwards and how she problem solved some of the questions I had for her regarding my personal life. I am going to speak with her once a month from this point forward. Really, really feel she’s a positive influence and will be in my life.”

Kathryn asked Chandra to share a fitness or emotional stumbling block she experienced and how she over came it. Here is her response:

“I got a coaching certificate for my own personal growth, and always desired to use it to help lots of people thrive and love life. However, I previously doubted my abilities to reach outside of my inner circle because of how many wise coaches and other resources are available these days. My self-doubt was dwarfed, however, by my growing desire to share on a bigger stage. It required me to internalize the positive feedback I received from coaching clients that told me I was gifted with empathy and true transformational abilities. Also, reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic helped me understand that even though what I want to do has been done successfully by others, it has never been done by me! My voice is unique and needed by those who resonate with it. As I’ve grown an audience for my personal growth and healthy living content, I’ve received many confirmations that the world does, in fact, need me and my voice matters. If you have something you want to share with the world, please find the strength to project your voice because the world needs you too!”

 If you’d like to join us for laughter, fitness, gourmet food, visit retreatnapa.com to see if there are any more rooms available. This event sells out so check it out today.


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