Trust the Hurt of Letting Go

Trust the Hurt of Letting Go

Its Fall, and like trees dropping leaves, its time to let go of what no longer serves you.

What have you been holding on to that just isn’t working or supporting you to be your best self and live the life you want?

For some, its an idea for how life is “supposed to be” or a limiting belief. For others, its a relationship, job, bad habit, weight gain, or something else that is not working.

Why is it so hard to let go if its not working for you? It could be that it still serves some need, like certainty/security, significance, connection. What need could it be serving for you?

Or it could be a fear that it will hurt too damn much to live without it. If so, consider that the discomfort it causes is part of the process of transformation. It builds resiliency to go through the process of letting go and walk through the fire. 

Stay grounded in the discomfort, move through it, and try not to back out prematurely unless there is real danger. Keep walking to other side for growth and new possibilities if its calling you as part of your soul’s journey.


I am working through this same process and can tell you that I’ve wanted to escape many times. Pull back, take flight, disappear!

To deal with these feelings, I use a 3-step process for emotional mastery.

1. Physiology – breathe deeply to feel the breath fill up your chest and belly, then feel your feet rooted into the ground.

2. Focus – focus on what do you want to create instead of what isn’t working and why isn’t not working. Get in a state of wonder. How would that look and feel for your vision to come true?

3. Language – Use empowering words to reassure yourself that everything will work out because you believe and trust in yourself.

Take the cue from the leaves falling right now and let go…let yourself glow!

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