What currency do you want more of…💥💓💰?

What currency do you want more of…💥💓💰?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the currency required for life and see it as a combination of energy, love, and money. It’s what people seem to always want more of!

So what can we do to increase these currencies, and attract them with the abundance we desire?

For more energy, advice is easy to find (although not always easy to implement consistently). Strategies include: eat clean, get enough sleep, get into nature, feel and deal with emotional issues to heal them, exercise, take supplements, meditate, etc.

For more love, one strategy is to focus on self-sourcing self-love which empowers you because it fulfills this need from the inside instead of relying on it to come from others.

For more money, its ideal to focus on making it while doing something you love because your heart is in it which can lead to a greater level of success. However, sometimes we choose to humble ourselves to make money any way we can out of necessity.

Because money can improve our quality of life and give us resources to help ourselves and others, I’ve decided to offer special support for those looking to start their own conscious, purpose-built business, such as Certified B Corporations, a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Through Glow’s new mission called Glow Ventures, I aim to help incubate companies through to funding and B Corp certification in hopes of creating massive change and a positive ripple effect throughout our global community.

If interested, the first step is to enroll in my new Root-to-Rise: Career Pivot Program. In just 8 weeks, members will hone their business idea and validate it with as much as $50,000 in pre-orders.

This road will lead to a greater feeling of self-worth because it connects members with their authentic nature and a higher purpose based on transcendence.

If you’re ready to answer the call to become a conscious entrepreneur, watch my free webinar to see if the Career Pivot Program is right for you.

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