Why Not Learn Something New While Sheltering? Free Personal Growth Training for You

Hidden Forces Training

Why Not Learn Something New While Sheltering? Free Personal Growth Training for You


I can not witness everyone suffering through these stressful times without doing something to help.

Luckily, I have already developed online trainings that I think can give people a positive focus while having to spend so much time at home, and likely staring at the computer!

Why not use this time to focus on personal growth and development? We all need more balance and to feel rooted so that we can rise up with strength, vision and a deeper connection to what’s important.

So that is what I’m offering…for free.

I would like to send you emails each day that will guide you through a completely free and impactful series of videos (most under 5 minutes).

To accept (and make it fun and personal), I invite you to take my free Hidden Forces personality quiz (even if you’ve taken it in the past). Answer just 9 questions now to find out the main hidden force that’s secretly driving many of your life’s decisions. The sum of our decisions add up to equal the quality of our life.

Taking the quiz will be the signal that you want to grow with me and then you will start receiving the emails. If you don’t take the quiz and provide your email, you will not be subscribed to this offering.

If you’re in, take the quiz now and watch for my emails to see the short videos that provide a deeper dive into what the hidden forces actually are, and how they can be harnessed to improve the quality of your life.

Great Decisions = Great Life! I want you to have a great life and believe this free training and my Root-to-Rise program can help.

Click here to take the quiz and join the free training.

Note: Thanks to Ginny Townsend for interviewing me in the video so that I could capture all of this for you! You’ll see her gorgeous face on the video


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