If you are an expert or writer for personal growth and healthy living and would like to be considered as a contributor to Glow Living, please introduce yourself and provide any ideas you have on how to be involved. We need blog articles, educational videos, and people to engage as active participants on our online social networks. We hope to hear from you!

Influencers & Business Partners

We are open to business opportunities that will further Glow Living’s reach and expand its member base. Additionally, we currently offer select and related affiliates the opportunity to feature their products and services. If you have cross-promotional ideas or would like us to become a brand ambassador of your products/services, please email us with all pertinent details at info@glowliving.com.

Root-to-Rise Affiliate Program

Make money helping us create awareness and raving fans for Root-to-Rise! There are three ways that people can learn vital tools for loving life through this program: 1) live workshops, 2) online at glowliving.teachable.com, and 3) group training for corporate wellness and career leadership. All three ways can give you passive income when you join as an affiliate. We will provide you promotional discounts to share with your audience along with an affiliate link for them to purchase the program. Your link tracks the purchases so that we are able to give you a percentage of each sale. And, more importantly, you’re helping me transform people’s lives so they can feel the joy that comes living a balanced, aligned life.

If you’re interested, please email info@glowliving.com and we’ll set up. There are no obligations, no minimum sales…just a mutually-beneficial financial opportunity.

About Root-to-Rise:

Root-to-Rise is a training program for loving life. Created by Glow Living Founder Chandra Lynn, it aims to help “risers” improve balance and fulfillment in their personal lives and careers. Using nature-based wisdom and human needs psychology, Risers embark on a journey to balance their “Life Root System”, clear personal obstacles, gracefully navigate emotions, connect to their truest authenticity, and rise to reach their higher life purpose. Root-to-Rise is available as online courses, live workshops, and corporate training.

Watch the 5-minute Root-to-Rise video!


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