Root-to-Rise for Professional Men Recovering from Losing a Romantic Partner

Reinvent Yourself & Get Your Mojo Back
Heal, Thrive & Excel!

You know how hard it is to feel hopeful after the devastation of losing your partner? Putting one foot in front of the other seems like all you can do sometimes.

They were your go-to, trusted advisor and without them, your roots have been unearthed. They’re not easily replaced, and you know it’s not healthy to jump into something new yet.

Without them, your future is foggy and everything seems uncertain. Going it alone means staying super busy and distracting yourself from the pain of their departure. But, something must be done about the increased anger, irritability, rumination, withdrawal, and/or temporary fixes like alcohol or other drugs.

Whether you get emotional, or avoid thinking about it, nothing works because this is not where you thought you’d be in life. Trying to figure out who you are now and what is meaningful to work towards has never been harder, and what you really need is to reinvent yourself and get your mojo back.

Imagine instead that your future is clear and full of hope. You have healed from the loss and are tapped into a thriving community of trusted advisors that have helped you plan and problem-solve.

Because you have received support to heal fully, you are brimming with energy to provide a wonderful life to someone new. You are certain that you are ready to attract someone, and you are fine with it happening when it happens because you are loving life again, and feeling the joy that comes from all of the purposeful things you’re accomplishing on a daily basis.

Imagine still that you are now living out your bucket list, and not waiting for some day in the future to make your dreams a reality. You know you are on the right path and being true to yourself which makes you feel highly dynamic, attractive.

You are certain that you are needed, and your contributions are significant to everyone you value. And, best of all, at peace with how things are.

What would it mean to you to have the support necessary to heal yourself and begin living full out with a clear vision, action plan and on-going resources that help you live with purpose and achieve inner peace?


Root-to-Rise is a multi-dimensional coaching program that provides the coping skills, accountability and mentoring necessary to make this happen!

+ You will get personalized coaching support so that you can lift the fog and get unblocked from the consequences of dealing with uncertainty, grief and loss so that you can get your mojo back.

+ You will get intensive live virtual training so that you can gain new coping skills and emotional mastery; strengthen your foundational roots for support, and plan for your RISE!

+ You will build a new network of trusted advisors through a dedicated mastermind group of like-minded men so that you can feel supported as you rebuild and feel the joys of progress.

+ You will enjoy private, retreats so that you can bond with your group, practice self-care, and gain momentum towards your top goals.

+ You will gain insight on how to get your needs met in rewarding ways, and attract deep love and connection into your life.



Root-to-Rise is an annual membership program that consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Immediate Support & Coping Skills (Month 1)

Personal attention and training on emotional mastery will help relieve pain.

+ Week 1-2: Personal coaching calls with Chandra Lynn so that you can receive mentoring necessary to achieve specific goals; a live-work balance; and get unblocked from anything holding you back from living a meaningful life full of creativity, freedom and joy. (2x 90-minute private calls)

+ Week 3-4: Intensive Learning through a virtual group training. (2x 2-hour trainings)

Stage 2: Learning, Envisioning & Planning (Months 2-5)

You will build new skills and start planning your rise.

+ Personal coaching calls with Chandra Lynn (2x/month – 60 minutes each)

+ Group coaching calls with your high-trust group led by Chandra Lynn so that you can receive support, and gain a deeper understanding of the teachings and how to integrate them into your personal experience. (2x/month – 60 minutes each)

Stage 3: Progress & Action (Months 6-12)

Virtual meetings with your trusted advisors will help you implement your plan so that you can feel the joy of meeting your goals and experiencing bucket list adventures.

+ Mastermind video-based meetings to gain resources and begin implementing plans, including top goals and bucket list accomplishments. (2x/month – 60 minutes)

+ Personal coaching calls with Chandra Lynn continued. (1x/month – 60 minutes)

+ Weekly accountability email check ins to help you stay on track and achieve the milestones set forth in the program

Program Bonuses:

+ A “welcome kit” that includes special gifts such as a padfolio, gratitude journal, and Rise essential oil blend so that you can anchor the teachings into your life.

+ Printed Root-to-Rise LifePlan

+ Relevant newsletters and articles

+ Recorded interviews with experts and inspirational leaders

A Note from Chandra Lynn…

As someone who has coached people through major life transitions, I’ve found that they bring the biggest opportunities for growth and realignment.

As hard as it is to weather the emotional storms and feelings of uncertainty, it can also open you up to new possibilities for our future. It’s through this gateway that you can change your life to fit your current needs, and connect with your higher purpose in a way that brings deep fulfillment and joy back to life.

My higher purpose to help people love life, and I am especially passionate about helping people take advantage of the opportunity for reinvention that comes from major life transitions. Instead of getting stuck in the pain of a loss and fighting the fear of uncertainty, I offer Root-to-Rise as my signature system for getting your life and business back on track.

It weaves yoga philosophy with human needs psychology, core value systems, and balance of body, mind and spirit.

If you are willing to take the deep dive and emerge in a way that is authentic to your true nature, this program is for you.

There are lots of cheap programs offering major life transformations, but let me ask you…do you think someone is going to put the serious work into creating a program that will really transform your life for a couple hundred bucks? Not likely.

This program requires an investment in yourself, and offers a guided deep dive that guarantees to make an impact. If, after playing full out, you did not benefit, your money will be refunded.

What is a positive life transformation worth to you? More importantly, what is the cost if everything stays the same?

Ready for your RISE?!

If yes, sign up today for a free Root-to-Rise Readiness Session to determine whether you’re ready to get unblocked from the consequences of dealing with uncertainty, grief and loss so that you can get your mojo back and start attracting the things you want.

Schedule your free call here:

Feel free to email me directly with any questions at chandra@glowliving.com or call 650-464-5708. Thanks for your valuable time and consideration!

Chandra Lynn is one of the most professional, authentic and passionate experts I know! After an eventful career sharing her unique expertise with some of the top companies in the world, artists and celebrities, she decided to share the best of the best strategies of personal and career development with the world through a training program called Root-to-Rise. This is one of the trainings I know that over-delivers with more tools, understandings, and strategies than it promises! Her newsletters are not just another email coming into your inbox. One of Chandra’s messages can and will change your life for the better. Follow her, enjoy her unique and rich content, and enjoy learning from her!

Ayman Mahmoud, Chairman of The International Center for Coaching & Research, Inc. & TED Translator

This system for loving life really resonated with me both as a sensitive human being but also as a man! I had a deep A-ha moment [in the class] that I hadn’t expected, and it was really joyful!

Trey Sabatelli

Wow! I knew that Chandra was really smart and developed amazing programs but the content that was delivered today was so inspirational and reminds me that I can live my life to the 8, 9, 10 level!

Erica Pacheco

Chandra is an excellent trainer and coach to those looking to thrive in their professional and personal lives. Her genuine love for helping clients comes through in her commitment to excellence, delivering results, and creating a transformative experience in each of her programs. Chandra has a unique ability to clearly see the root cause of a block or barrier, then she not only shows her clients what’s possible in their lives, but she also empowers them to bring their dreams into reality with her compelling strategies, tools, and resources. Perhaps it’s Chandra’s extensive experience in strategic marketing that allows her to recognize “the big idea” around what’s really happening – and then put language around it – as she’s created her coaching programs, but she’s seamlessly incorporated her results-focused marketing work into her coaching career making her uniquely effective at what she does.

Ginny Townsend
Founder, GinnyTownsend.com

It is always an enlightening experience to get the chance to be in touch with an amazing person of the caliber of Chandra Lynn. Her coaching skills, vast knowledge and abilities on understanding life and human nature offer you the right platform to improve on every level and find clarity along your path, whatever that might be. She poses intelligent questions, helps you on targeting pros & cons and makes you ponder on how to get the best out of the situation to which you may feel you’re stuck into. I totally recommend her expertise. Thank you Chandra for being such a wonderful Guide. Keep up with the Great work!

Charly Urso
Songwriter, Musician, Producer

I have benefited greatly from Chandra’s advice, loyal support and her generous heart. Chandra is gifted with a compassionate understanding of people. I admire her ability to help so many people in her life. She connects deeply with the needs of her clients and is motivated by her genuine ability to be of service to others. She has a warm and friendly personality that makes it easy to open up to her and discuss what is concerning you. She has the great ability to ask poignant and relevant questions that allows the conversation to go deep into the source of the challenge. I especially appreciate that when she offers suggestions, they are powerful and specific to my specific needs and not a canned list of ” the 10 steps to a better…” kind of advice. I believe in her and her mission to serve the holistic health of individuals and to uphold a strong community of support.

Kristen Dessange
Founder of Affirmation Yoga & Sacred Life Circle


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