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Answer these 9 questions to uncover which of the six hidden forces is primarily driving the decisions that are responsible for the current quality of your life

What do you want most in a career?
What would make you do something out of the ordinary?
Why would you typically invite a friend over?
Think of a major life goal you'd like accomplished. What is the motivation behind that goal?
How would you describe yourself most?
After a long week, I typically...
When I perceive someone I love to be struggling...
What do you seek for most in a partner?
After a conflict with someone...
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Empower yourself to make the high-quality decisions necessary to transform your life. If you aren’t happy with your current life conditions, its time to get into action!

Prioritize yourself, do the work, and reap the rewards that come from living an aligned life that you love.

About Glow Living

Glow Living provides personal growth and healthy living resources for everyone looking to reach their highest potential with a purpose-filled life. On a mission to help people live their legacy and love life, Glow Living offers a signature training program by Founder and Certified Coach Chandra Lynn called Root-to-Rise that is available online and in live workshops for individuals and corporate wellness.

About Root-to-Rise

Root-to-Rise training programs aim to help you improve live-work balance and fulfillment in your personal life and career. Based on yoga philosophy and human needs psychology, you will embark on a journey to balance your “Life Root System”, clear personal obstacles, gracefully navigate emotions, connect to your truest authenticity, and rise to reach your higher life purpose. Root-to-Rise is available as online courses and live workshops for individuals and companies.

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