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Welcome to Glow Living by Certifed Transformation Coach Chandra Lynn! We offer life and career coaching for personal growth and development! Learn how our self-help programs such as the Root-to-Rise online course can strengthen your life’s root system in five areas: health, family, career, relationships, and friendships. With long and strong roots, you can rise to meet your fullest potential and authentically love life. Here, we hope to inspire you with new ways to transform your life!

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How to Find Your True Calling

Discovering one’s true calling in midlife can be a transformative and fulfilling journey. Here are some steps that can help you uncover your purpose and find your true calling: Self-Reflection: Set aside dedicated time for introspection and self-reflection. Reflect on your passions, interests, values, and what brings you joy. Consider the activities or areas where you feel most alive and […]

Top 10 Ways to Become Financially Secure

If you’re a woman in midlife, becoming financially secure may be top of mind. It’s an important goal so that you can create a life you love. Here are ten ways you can work towards empowering yourself with financial stability: Create a Budget: Start by assessing your income and expenses. Develop a budget that outlines your monthly spending and identifies […]

Journey Through Menopause

By Glow Living Member Natalie Nickel Kavanaugh Recently when opening Facebook, a memory came up from 2009. I posted that I had gained 15 lbs seemingly overnight. Even though I wasn’t doing anything differently, I suddenly had a muffin top and couldn’t button my jeans. I was 46 years so I thought middle age. Ugh, middle age. Along with the […]

Going through a difficult time?

SELF-LOVE – INNER BONDING – HEALING   We are half-way through April and already into the second quarter of the year! How are you feeling about where you are in the wheel of the year? Are you challenged by anything in particular in one or more of your root areas, i.e. health, family, relationships, career, family or friends? My relationship […]

Are You a Sponge or a Bubble?

As we encounter people throughout the day, we have a choice about how their energy affects us. We can either absorb it like a sponge or let it bounce off of our protective energy bubble. If we’re too permissive with letting people’s negative energy in, we can start to feel our own outlook get more negative. It may also show up […]

Make It Happen!

ACTION! – FORWARD MOMENTUM – NEW BEGINNINGS Happy Spring! Can you see the stirrings of new growth in nature? The seeds germinated during the Winter fallow period and are now cracking open with seedlings bursting forth. This is the energy of new beginnings and the perfect time to take the first steps towards your goals. In January, we planted the […]

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Our Mission

We support a community of growth-minded individuals on their personal growth and development journey to love life. Our aim is to educate people with coach-led content that centers around living a healthy, balanced, and thriving lifestyle. Led by Glow Living’s Founder and Certified Transformation Coach Chandra Lynn, M.B.A., we provide resources and life and career coaching services for personal growth and self-help including our signature training program Root-to-Rise which is available as an online course and through live workshops and group coaching.

Our Coaching Programs

Root-to-Rise is a two-part online personal growth and development training program designed to help you love life. It is an effective self-help framework for true transformation through tools and life skills to balance your five your “Life Root System” (health, romantic relationships, career, family, and friends) and rise to your highest potential. You’ll learn how to clear personal obstacles, navigate emotions gracefully, connect to your truest authenticity, and create a life with meaning and purpose.

Learn more about Root-to-Rise and our other online training courses on Teachable and make sure to take the free quiz and training on the hidden forces behind your decision-making and quality of life.

Check out our free resources including the Lessons Learned video series featuring insightful interviews with inspiring notables including musicians, authors, and other coaches. The videos are available here and also the Glow Living YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and join our email list for new blog articles and resources to support your healthy lifestyle.

Private Coaching & Consulting

Glow Living’s Founder Chandra Lynn, MBA, is a certified transformation coach through the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. She offers private life and career coaching to a limited number of clients. She also heads up Glow Marketing LLC and offers consulting services for integrated marketing, branding, and special events.

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