We are half-way through April and already into the second quarter of the year! How are you feeling about where you are in the wheel of the year? Are you challenged by anything in particular in one or more of your root areas, i.e. health, family, relationships, career, family or friends?

My relationship root which normally fulfills my need for love and connection has been challenged by a recent breakup. It has required me to examine the ways I get this need met, and change its sources. The key learning has been that instead of getting it met through a relationship with someone else, I have to self-source it from within.

I’m finding that focusing on self-love during challenging times, like while grieving a loss, is the key to healing and empowerment.

The month of April calls on the archetype of the Lover and the power we have to cultivate and self-generate love. All last year, I worked with Kristen Dessange of Sacred Life Circle to create Own Your Throne to help teach women about sovereignty and now I’m being called to walk the walk in the area of relationships.

Self-sourcing love is the lesson my breakup is leaving behind. In the past, I’ve invited in love from another to help soothe my pain and grief but not this time. This time, I’m learning to self-soothe and call in my friends and trained professionals to help me heal childhood wounds and negative relationship patterns so that I show up for my next relationship whole and healthy.

Self-love skills can help you address the challenges in all of your root areas. So much pain can be caused by wanting others to provide it. When they fall short, it can bring disappointment, disillusionment, and heartbreak. When we trust ourselves and source it from within, we will never let ourselves down, and can get rid of neediness towards others.

I invite you to answer the following questions:

1) Where in your life do you look for others to meet your needs?

2) When have you felt disappointed or heart-broken by other people who have not met your needs?

2) Have you felt victimized by them in any way? What did they do or not do to let you down that you feel wronged by?

3) Where can you take responsibility for what happened? Did they agree to the expectations of what you wanted from them?

4) Could you have brought what you needed to yourself? If so, why did you expect it from them and not self-source it?

5) What can you do now to self-generate what you’ve been needing from others?

Love yourself and love life!


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