What I ultimately want to do with Glow Living is help people love life. I’m not going to do it by letting people in on big secrets that will instantly transform the way you see the world. It will be by letting you in on my journey to learn to love life myself. Of course, I’ll give you all of the secrets I’ve got and come across, but I’m not going to tell you that I have it all figured out. I was never a cheerleader, and I’m not a Pollyanna when it comes to encouraging people. I admit that I don’t always love life. However, I do have moments when I do and I have a pretty good understanding of what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is when I live authentically. If I try to pretend to be anything other than what comes naturally, I stumble. When I’m real and put it out there, I connect deeply with people which nourishes my soul.

What I’m working on now is what makes me happy and fills my soul when I’m alone. I experience a lot of joy while experiencing things with other people, and I can honestly say that I feel a little flat when I’m by myself. I’ve come to realize that it’s because most everything I do alone relates to checking things off a To Do List.

Recently, I was asked what I love to do just for myself. Radio silence! I couldn’t think of anything significant because just about everything related to organizing, personal maintenance, or strategizing and visualizing things I want for my future. My future…not my now! I can’t guarantee that day will ever come so I’ve committed to myself to find things I love to do in the now moment.

I’d like to know what other people are super passionate about. I’ve seen people get supercharged by arts and music, and I have felt joy in making jewelry and painting, doing yoga, and going to see live music. However, for some reason, I haven’t prioritized them enough to put aside my to do list because I’ve been on a hamster wheel of overwhelm. My thinking has been that I’ll be able to get to those things when I have more time, again…in the future.

Discovering what moves me now, and juices me up to love life, is my current focus. What does your soul call you to do with your personal time? What makes look forward to getting out of bed in the morning?

When we connect to our passions, and nurture them, I believe we are loving life. So, why have I not prioritized things that help me love life? My excuses have been mom duties, unyielding pressures related to owing my own businesses, and the unending needs of nurturing others. These excuses have come at a cost. They have limited the joy that I am able summon from within.

In support of wanting to help others live life, I’m committed to raising my vibration by trying new things and discovering my current “passion points”. I am making a promise to myself, and you, to prioritize and nurture them on a daily basis.

Let’s start a list to support each other in feeding our passions and increasing our love of life. Please email me with your list, and I’ll publish it when its comprehensive enough to help others with new ideas. You with me on this?

List of Passion Points:

Arts & Crafts
Spending time with animals/petsReading
Nature walks
Beauty care
Home improvements/decorating

  1. Lauren Bradley 6 years ago

    Lighting candles and tuning into some good music!
    Doodling 🙂
    Laying on my hammock & lookin’ at the moon (LOVE the moon)
    Going through old photos and remincin…sometimes it reminds me to reach out and extend my love to an old friend

    Thanks for the post, I absolutely love it.

  2. Author
    Chandra Lynn 6 years ago

    I love your responses @laurenbradley and @christian! I hope we get more because I really think we can help expand each other’s ideas for things to love and do. You two rock!!

  3. Susana 6 years ago

    Taking naps with my cat, reading, meditation, working out

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