Self-help to Overcome the Overwhelm!

Overwhelmed woman with head in hands sitting at a messy desk and computer

Self-help to Overcome the Overwhelm!

2020 is here with the promise of abundance and growth of new opportunities. With it can also bring an abundance of overwhelm with all there is to do to maintain balance while cultivating the new directions you want to nurture.

I noticed a trend with my clients relating to feeling overwhelmed by compounded issues. All of them had challenges in every root area of life.

When things feel out of balance and overwhelming, it’s easy to spread negative feelings across multiple roots. With overwhelm, frustration is a common feeling, and there are others like insecurity, doubt, fear, etc. This can increase our neediness in every area of our human needs.

For example, one client felt unsure about the fit of his new job after an intensive training period. This increased his need to feel secure in his career decision and also other areas of his life, such as his relationship and personal health. The pressure of having to fulfill multiple needs at once manifested as stress, anxiety and tension headaches.

When overwhelmed, I hear my friend Cynthia’s voice saying, “Stop trying to boil the ocean!” Known for her “Cyn-isms”, this one has helped me and my clients to let go of trying to figure out everything at once. Instead, I recommend tackling the things that are causing the most emotional stress. Our instinct may be to avoid them, but I’ve found that facing and resolving them can give us the necessary strength to deal with the rest. Most of the time, the other things are just pesky tasks that can be prioritized and dealt with systematically.

Another client, Joe, felt overwhelmed by tasks while recovering from a surgery, and felt stressed about losing ground in his business while focusing on his health. I helped him identify his top 5 priorities so that he could temporarily let go of the rest. In doing so, he moved forward on what was important and felt the joy that comes from progress.

Make sure one of your top 5 priorities is YOU! Take time to feel grounded and clear about what’s most important during times of overwhelm.

And, stop boiling the ocean!! ; )

To get help with creating more balance in your Life Root System (health, relationships, career, friends and family), check out our Root-to-Rise online course here and on Teachable.


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