The #1 Google Search for New Years Is…

Guess what New Year’s resolution was the most searched on Google (per data company Quanti)? “Get Healthy” with over 62 million searches.  Whether it’s New Years or not, its always a good time to decide to “get healthy”. But what does that really mean? Most people think of it as losing weight. I invite you to consider that its much more.

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Glow Living’s Lessons Learned Goes Live with Omar Hakim & Rachel Z

Glow Living (www.glowliving.com) is excited to announce the expansion of its Lessons Learned series to provide a first-ever live interview at The NAMM Show 2017 featuring elite drummer Omar Hakim (Sting, David Bowie, Journey, Madonna) and pianist extraordinaire Rachel Z (Peter Gabriel, Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead, Vertu). Glow Living’s host Chandra Lynn, an MI marketing veteran and certified coach (Tony

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