Guess what New Year’s resolution was the most searched on Google (per data company Quanti)? “Get Healthy” with over 62 million searches. 

Whether it’s New Years or not, its always a good time to decide to “get healthy”. But what does that really mean? Most people think of it as losing weight. I invite you to consider that its much more.

Here is a video that I recorded on how I define a healthy lifestyle in an integrated way that positively effects your body, mind and spirit through every day choices. If you want more, watch and then read on.

To me, getting healthy is really about choosing to make health — mind, body and spirit — a priority in your lifestyle. I run two companies, have a young child, and am challenged with many of the same demands that people put in front of achieving their healthy lifestyle goals. The only difference between me and someone who isn’t healthy and wants to “get healthy” as a resolution is that I started my journey a long time ago with a simple decision to “just do it”…not with a diet or exercise program, but as the center to my entire lifestyle.

I believe that I can not accomplish all that I do (and want to do) without the energy that can only be cultivated through daily behaviors that support my health. Its at the core of every decision I make…what I put in my mouth, how I exercise that day, what I buy for my home, what products I use on my body, what books I read, what people I hang around, what career goals I make, etc. If its not healthy for me in that moment or for my future self, the answer is likely NO (with the exception of some bubbles with friends to celebrate special life events).

I want to live a long, happy fulfilled life, and age gracefully. I don’t want to be live with pain. And pain is exactly what I’ve seen in people that have not taken care of themselves. Pain comes in the form of cancer and other diseases or medical issues. It also comes in the form of mental and emotional anguish and suffering. One of my friends who is a hospice nurse told me that not living a healthy life is one of the leading regrets that people have in their final days.

When I think back to times when I was a bit overweight or feeling sick, it scares me to think of going through that again. There have been times when I’ve beat myself up over being overweight and its damaged my self-esteem. It’s attracted the wrong people and held me back from reaching my full potential. Now, I focus on health and cultivating energy. My body is in balance so I can tackle difficult challenges and I’m less likely to feel depressed or suffer from body image problems. 

No one wants to suffer, and having suffered in the past, I know it can be a big motivator for making changes. If you have the goal of getting healthy, I invite you to consider what life-long choices you can make for a healthier lifestyle…not just to look better, but to create balance; cultivate energy for tackling your bucket list;  contribute beyond yourself; and focus on other New Year’s Resolution search terms such as:

  • “Get Organized” – over 33 million searches
  • “Live Life to the Fullest” – nearly 19 million searches
  • “Learn New Hobbies” – over 17 million searches
  • “Spend Less/Save More” – nearly 16 million searches
  • “Travel” – nearly 6 million searches
  • “Read More” – over 4 million searches

These resolutions sound so much better to me than going on some stupid diet! So, if you’re with me but not sure what to do, I can offer you some ideas based on what works for me. There are also a ton of coaches, trainers and pros in this field that you can hire to develop a starting point (I have a few I can recommend). I think there is probably more information on the internet and in the library on this topic than just about anything else. So the info is out there. The next step is trying something and then course correcting. I’ve tried all kinds of things and am constantly dialing in what works for me. Make a commitment to try new things and see what works, even if some things fail. Failure is just an opportunity to learn, so its okay to fail as long as you course correct and focus on perseverance and grit. You’re choosing this for the rest of your life, not just a 12-week “transformation challenge” so be patient and compassionate with yourself.

In a nutshell, I’m currently following the IIFYM macros calculator by tracking my food on MyFitnessPal, not eating flour or sugar (including alcohol), and working out 5x/week by combining weights, yoga and HIIT training. That can sound severe to some people but I’ve worked up to doing this after years of training. Start with something you can succeed with.

To learn more about the tools that work for me, check out these articles:

Health & Fitness Tools – Part 1: Bodybuilding.com & BodySpace
Health & Fitness Tools – Part 2: Calories & Macros

Another piece of advice is to NEVER apologize for self-care and prioritizing health over other things. I’ve had friends who have been given a hard time by their partners for “working out too much” or “always being on a diet”. This is unacceptable to me in a partnership because taking care of yourself is like putting your life mask on before putting i on someone else. You have to be in good health to have the energy to help others. Its that simple. If your partner wants more of your time and energy, that’s important to look at and prioritize them by giving them more quality time, but don’t cut off your lifeline to the very thing that makes you attractive…your vitality! You deserve to prioritize yourself first, and that means managing stress and other physical and emotional challenges in a productive and healthy way. 

Can you see I’m passionate about this subject? I am and that’s why more and more of the content I develop is going to be around defining and living a healthy lifestyle. If you have questions, ideas or topics you’d like me to explore, please let me know. What works works for you? Please share any tips.

I want the best for you and to see you grow old in a healthy, happy way with me, and for the ones you love!!


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