Listen with Your Heart & Not Your Head – Guided Meditation

Listen with Your Heart & Not Your Head – Guided Meditation

I’ve learned something new from my awesome coach Iris Benrubi. She told me that I can often be very analytical when I’m trying to explore a problem. This means I’m more in my head than in my heart. She recommended that I drop down into my body and listen for messages. One of the most powerful things she advised is to ask myself when I start to well up with tears “What are the tears telling me?” It actually changes the way that I’m thinking about what’s going on with me. Instead of just feeling sad or frustrated, and justifying it with all the logical reasons, I’m now listening for messages that come from my body. 

She guided me through a process that allowed me to connect into my body and use my heart to listen to its powerful messages. Because it was a powerful experience for me, I decided to write my own version of the meditation and record it to share with all of you here. Please allow 20 minutes of personal “me” time. Find a safe, relaxing place (maybe using headphones to drown out distractions) and press play:

You have to be in a very relaxed open, receiving space to hear messages, but when you do, it can be very impactful and healing. Keep in mind that it can also bring up negative emotions and difficult things to process without proper support so I recommend you consult your doctor or coach if you have any concerns about this. Some people believe that meditation is a form of medication and should be done with professional support. 

When you’re going through this guided exercise or starting to get teary-eyed, ask yourself what is your body telling you, and you may be surprised at some of the answers. It’s helpful when you actually have to articulate the message so either write it down for yourself or tell a trusted person so that you can gain clarity over exactly what it is.

Also be on alert for visual messages. Sometimes they’ll be a voice that’s talking to you and sometimes it will be a flash of something that you see, and both can contain powerful information.

When you get a message, take it one step further and ask why the message is important. Sometimes it’s your mind serving up a limited belief to keep you stuck as a way of keeping you safe. So although the message becomes clear it’s up to you to decide whether you wanted to except the message or dismiss it as something disempowering.

I am really interested to read any comments about your experience with this exercise. Please fill in a comment or email me at chandra@glowliving.com.


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