In January, I posted 31 pictures about what inspires me and asked what inspires you. I believe your inspirations illuminate your path. If we go towards our inspirations, our positive energy increases and we can begin to attract more inspiration.

This month, we take the next step and start imagining the things we want as if they are already part of our lives. This brings them closer to us and helps us manifest them.

When I get busy, I don’t spend time encouraging my imagination. I’m more focused on checking off boxes on my To Do list. Taking time to imagine what it would look and feel like to have what I seek is what helps me decide on what I want and what goals to prioritize.

I set clear goals and prioritize them. After that, my To Do lists get more clear about what to focus on. In some cases, I have been able to remove things after reprioritizing and realizing they are not important to me anymore.

February is a time of the archetype of the Mystic. This means that it’s the perfect time of year to begin to imagine what you want, and bring your goals into focus.

I invite you to spend time thinking about how they would impact your life. If they are worthy of setting intentions and goals around. I encourage you to journal or talk to a friend about what would change in your life. Focus on how it would feel, what problems would be solved, and what you are willing to do to attain them.

Next month will be the month of the Warriors archetype and it will be time to put all of this inspiration and imagination into action to start manifesting them.


 I invite you to do these 3 steps:

1) Imagine what you want for yourself this year.

2) Journal about it to make it as real as possible and talk to friends about it.

3) Pick 2-3 that you’d like to set as goals for next month.


Use your imagination & love life!


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