What do you want to be known for?
By Chandra Lynn

One of my brilliant friends and Glow Circles member Tara Callahan asked me what I want people to understand about my efforts with Glow Living. When I started to explain my intentions, she stopped my long-winded answer and said, “no tell me in 5 words!” Hmmmmm. After some thought, I said I want to…

Inspire people to love life.”
LoveLife-Button-v17Sitting with this intention, however, I felt an internal struggle because the truth is that I don’t always love life. Sometimes, life is really hard and there are challenges and losses that make me wonder if I’m a good person to represent someone who loves life. I decided that this IS the reason why I am the exact right person!
I’ve been prone to depressive thoughts, and although I have a lot to be grateful for, I been known to fall into the trap of focusing on the negative. Until now, I never focused on finding ways to increase my upper limits for feeling joy about my life and experiences. 
I didn’t always know how to manage my emotions well, so I sought training on emotional mastery. I now practice effective techniques, and consistently rebalance my energy through a blend of healthy activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, journaling, talking with friends, good sleep, and more. There is no simple way to do it. It’s about learning how to place more protective boundaries and practicing diligent self-care…things that are especially hard for amiable personalities that want to help others. Through Glow Living, I will share what works for me and bring in experts to help with this.
Today, this post is about aligning with what you want to be known for, and being able to articulate it succinctly. Go to the Personal Growth Forum to share what you want to be known for and see if you can boil it down to 5 words!

About Tara Callahan:

tara“I wanna make people laugh,” states Tara Callahan when asked about what she wants to be known for. Check out Tara’s YouTube videos that are sure to bring smiles, and subscribe to show your support. 



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