Fathers, what will be your legacy?

Fathers, what will be your legacy?

Fathers, what will be your legacy?  
By Chandra Lynn 

Whether you are a father, have a father or admire someone who is a father, you will probably agree that it is a challenging role. A father is someone who provides to the best of their abilities, and often makes personal sacrifices for the support of others.

dadsdayfinal2Sometimes the fathers are also mothers and mothers have to take on the role of fathers, depending on what their kids need at the time. Its an interplay between masculine and feminine energies. Sometimes we are masculine father and are the giver, provider, and boundary setter. Other times we are the feminine mother and take on the role of receiver, nurturer and soft place to land.

We honor everyone who fathers and wields both masculine and feminine energy to give their children the complete care that they deserve.

There are traditional values associated with what a father provides, and there are unique things that each individual wants to contribute to their offspring. I invite you to think about what you want to be known for by those you parent. When they describe you to someone else, what do you want them to have received from you? When you are gone, what will they remember? What will be your legacy?

Use the comments below to share your intentions to inspire others.

Happy Father’s Day!!


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