Written by Glow Circles Member Kelli Richards

A topic has been brewing in my mind over the past couple of weeks that I wanted to touch on today; and that is the power of enthusiasm, energy and vitality. I think what sparked it was going to a couple of concerts during the past couple of weeks — Rick Springfield and Earth, Wind & Fire — both of whom have been performing for over 45 years each (and the lead members all in their mid-to-late sixties). Same thing when I saw Herb Alpert and Lani Hall play a show last Fall (he was 80 at the time).

None of these guys has to work or tour any more. But all of them exuded passion, vibrancy, energy and vitality. They love what they’re doing, they get high on the interaction with their audiences, and clearly they’re still having a great time performing and entertaining. It’s inspiring and infectious to watch…

But you don’t have to be an artist to experience the same level of energy and enthusiasm; you can cultivate it for yourself. And when you do, it creates an upward spiral that fuels you, makes you feel alive and is contagious; others want to be around you and engage/collaborate with you in whatever ways make sense. It comes down to your attitude about yourself and about your life. If you want to feel this energy boost (and experience all of these benefits), here are some things you can do to encourage it:

  • Do the things you want to do, not because you have to do them (as my mentor Alan Cohen says, “if it’s not fun, hire it done”).
  • Get plenty of rest and eat whole food daily to give yourself more energy and allow your body to work its magic on your behalf (rest, renew, restore).
  • Get off the couch and out of your chair — and get more exercise — on a daily basis; whatever it is that you enjoy and that gets your body moving (something you’re enthused to do, make it fun vs. a drudge).
  • Get more actively involved with your family, friends and community — and/or volunteer for something you’re passionate about.
  • Do things for others just because if feels good — and for no other reason; giving it its own reward.
  • Find or rekindle a passion; something that lights you up, brings you joy and just makes you feel alive.
  • What do you love to do? If you know then make time for it in your schedule on a regular basis. If you don’t know, then have fun exploring and discovering what that could be. May be something you left on the shelf when you were younger with fewer responsibilities, worries and cares.

Try these on for size and let me know how you do; life’s too short to go from day-to-day, paying bills, doing chores, running errands, and just getting by. Re-ignite your passion and do what lights you up!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.29.55 PMAbout Kelli Richards
CEO of All Access Group  & Trusted Advisor/KelliRichards.com

Kelli is a music industry colleague and friend who has bloomed into a trusted advisor, coach, and author known for helping entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives. She’s especially fond of those who have a bent for changing the world. She has a rich history including many years of working at Apple, and her long-term relationships with key players in Silicon Valley and Hollywood make her a respected resource around the world.


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