Guitar Girl Magazine Interviews Chandra Lynn

Guitar Girl Magazine Interviews Chandra Lynn

So excited to announce the publication of this interview from Guitar Girl Magazine on guitargirlmag.com. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Music industry veteran Chandra Lynn launched Glow Marketing LLC in January 2000 as a marketing consulting business for the music industry and consumer goods. However, she founded her company with a different twist: providing inspiration, positive influence, and emotional health and wellbeing, which she does via her partner lifestyle brand, Glow Living. A certified coach, she created the platform as a free community to provide resources, outreach, and educational information to help others in their quest for a healthy life, healthy attitude, and search for purpose.


Owning and operating one business is challenging enough. Owning two is unfathomable for most. Chandra Lynn makes it seem effortless while seamlessly combining her companies to bring the best of both worlds to her clients and her audience. In January, she brought her successful online “Lessons Learned” video series to the winter NAMM show, where she was joined by musicians Omar Hakim and Rachel Z in an inspiring panel discussion.


Guitar Girl connected with Chandra Lynn to learn more about Glow Living, Glow Marketing, and her goals. She graciously shared some of her insight about the music industry, offered tips for navigating social media when building a brand, and gave us a look into her guidelines for personal growth.


After a lengthy and successful career spanning almost 20 years in the music industry, including public relations, artist relations, concert promotions, marketing, and MI, you made a career change by founding Glow Living and Glow Marketing. Why the transition and why at that particular time?


I’m in the time of my life where I want to share what I have learned from my experiences, and help others to share their shortcuts to greatness. I’m not leaving the music industry. I’m pioneering a new area of the industry by bridging it to personal growth and healthy living. I’m leveraging my relationships with the leaders and stars of the industry to inspire people to love life.

Click here for the complete interview.


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