Chandra Lynn Goes Deep on Guru Please Podcast

Chandra Lynn Goes Deep on Guru Please Podcast

Emotional Mastery, Archetypes, and Getting Unstuck with Chandra Lynn on Guru Please Podcast

Guru Please Podcast host, Jessica Sun, interviewed Chandra Lynn. She explains, “Going through a dark night of the soul? Getting unstuck doesn’t need to take years. Get to know yourself better by digging to the root of what’s causing a blockage in your life. This knowledge is your gift to yourself that will keep on giving.”

Listen now by clicking on the image. You’ll be taken to the Guru Please site.

They talk about:

  • Our human needs that often hold us back are the same things that can propel us forward
  • We need both certainty and variety
  • You can choose your higher purpose; it doesn’t need to be bestowed on you
  • Not everyone will resonate with you and it’s important to respect the differences
  • We are always getting to the next plateau of the mountain, not the top
  • When we prioritize the wrong things, we feel overwhelmed and like everything has to happen all at once
  • Let’s embrace our full multidimensional selves, and not deny or disown pieces of ourselves

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Chandra became a coach while having a successful career in marketing
  • About our root areas that determine the shape of our lives
  • On our basic human needs that must be fulfilled one way or another
  • How to go through the dark night of the soul
  • How Chandra rebranded herself to align with what she believes
  • A lesson from celebrities on wanting to be liked
  • The three pillars of our emotions

About Guru Please

Guru Please is an interview-based show that features guests from 6 continents. The host, Jessica Sun, talks with her guest about topics ranging from overcoming adversity and designing a fulfilling life, to actionable personal development techniques and what it means to be authentically human.

About Jessica Sun

Jessica Sun has a background in real estate sales, visual design, fine art, and acting and modeling. She created her podcast for those who are seeking something different.


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