How to Get “In the Flow”

How to Get “In the Flow”

I was not “in the flow” when I first showed up to my biggest trade show of the year, The NAMM Show, where I juggle multiple client demands as well as being hired as a professional speaker. I felt my body in a fight/flight mode with constricted breathing and an anxious tummy. While hundreds of people zoomed past me, I stopped in my tracks to get into the flow fast..and boy did it work! Here’s the awesome turnout at one of my panels…

By flow, I mean finding ease, relaxing, and allowing things to happen as they’re meant to. Instead of focusing on the anxiousness that comes from uncertainty about how it was going to go, I turned myself around and had a great experience after using these tactics:

1. Stop – Scan your body for tension, holding, anxiousness.
2. Ground – Root into you feet, close your eyes, and begin belly breathing with deep inhales and controlled exhales.
3. Validate – Acknowledge what is making you anxious and tell yourself it’s okay to have these feelings. For me, I was flooded with questions like “Will everyone show up?” “Am I prepared enough?” “Will people like it?” “Will people judge me?” “Am I good enough?”
4. Focus –  Instead of pummeling myself with questions that I couldn’t answer, I changed my focus to a conscious desire to get in the flow, allowing for whatever happened.
5. Meaning – Figure out what it all means to you. Sometimes stress comes from caring too much and worrying about the outcome because it’s important to you.
6. Allow – Remind yourself that everything will be alright, and not to make the situation worse than it actually is.
7. Trust – Remember to trust yourself to be resourceful and have your own back.
8. Ask – If you are overly upset, overwhelmed, frustrated or angry, consider asking for support from a loved one or trained resource. We all need each other some times, and you may need some reassurance or help with something you’re not able to do alone.
9. Align – Simply do the best you can and adjust your expectations to be as reasonable as possible considering the circumstances. Where is the pressure or stress coming from…internal or external forces? What can you do to align with your personal power and let go of unreasonable expectations?
10. Surrender – Sometimes we just need to let go of having expectations for specific outcomes. This can involve trusting in yourself and that everything will work out in the end.
11. Open – Keep your heart and mind open to possibilities, and that things will improved with an attitude adjustment, realigned expectations, calling in new resources, etc.

Lastly, breathe.

You have the power to get into the flow if you decide to. I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to fighting against the way things are. I often have good intentions because I am ambitious and so deeply want to succeed in life. Some times though, all I can do is breathe and let some time pass.

What are your techniques for getting into the flow so I can add to this list? How amazing would it be if we could shift ourselves back into the flow anytime we want because we have all the necessary tools and life skills?! We can.

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  1. Richard Honig 1 year ago

    When I need to get in the flow, I take a breath and remind myself that peace is my natural state and all else is an illusion. I recognize my mind is over-thinking and I let go of the self-analyzation and allow myself to be present in the feeling of nothingness, where there is joy, ease and grace. I have to continually catch myself when I slip and hit the reset button. As I quiet my habitual thinking, I allow the heart to lead and surrender in total trust that I am in the right place, doing the right thing with the right people. I live solely in the now, where I feel perfect, whole and complete. There is no place I need to get to. It’s already happening as I follow the light and love within my heart.

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