Grateful on Mother’s Day – Free Song 4 U

Grateful on Mother’s Day – Free Song 4 U

Written By Chandra Lynn

Song Written by Nimo Patel

This marks my 10th year as a mom. What!? Time really does fly, and I am in awe of how much I have grown in one decade. My son Kai has pushed out my limits on how much I can love to the point where there are NO LIMITS. I now recognize my ability to love is infinite!

momsdayAs a result of this awareness, I’ve opened my heart to new relationships and deepened connections with friends and family to the point where I am personally nourished each and every time I can be of service to them. Sometimes I’m able to support them by offering wisdom that unsticks them from their situation and accelerates their growth. Sometimes I just hold the proverbial basket so they can vent, find a release and listen to themselves. Other times, I provide a mirror so they can see aspects of their selves that need to be nurtured or healed.

Whether you’re a mom or not, I imagine there is something you have mothered (or fathered)…a pet, a plant, a sibling or other relative…or maybe your own inner child. And if you really haven’t had experience with this, you may have appreciation for your own mom, grandma or caregiver that represents the mothering aspect that is in all of us.

Music is an incredibly powerful force for eliciting emotions and my gift to you is Glow’s current theme song ‘Grateful’ performed and re-recorded by Gabe & Kai Echeverria (the original is by the amazing Nimo Patel/Empty Hands Music). I’m not sure if its because its my son singing it or the message in the lyrics or the combo, but it brings tears of joy to me every single time I listen to it. I hope it moves you as well and helps you bring forth the state of gratitude so that you can share my joy more intimately.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!



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