We have this one precious, miraculous body to fuel us each day to do the things we deem are important and vital to our personal life. I know it can be complicated, and may at times seem impossible to create a body and life you love. I am not here to talk you into believing that achieving your ideal weight is simple. However, this is no reason to give up or continue to be frustrated with the situation, as I believe that success and getting there is more than feasible.

Believe it or not, I get it. I have struggled with low self-esteem, binge eating, and depression. No matter how well I ate, exercised, and enjoyed the process,  I was never able to feel “happy” or “good enough” in my own skin.  I had no reason to feel negative but being fit, and lean in my mind was not “good enough”.

My ideal self-image was never “good enough” – Comparison drowned me

I constantly was comparing myself to others. My unhappiness and feeling of lack had nothing to do with my physical body, I created a sense of self-loathing by always trying to look better, and the moment I decided to act more from a place of self-care and nurturing, I stopped the comparison game and focused on being healthy and happy.

I have worked with many clients who go through the same struggles with their bodies, who have “tried” everything from giving up sugar, to changing their exercise routine, to drinking plenty of water and they still can’t seem to make any lasting or significant changes they are pleased with. Why? With the demands of family, work, friends, volunteer activities, events and more the overwhelm and pressure which equals stress place an impact on the physical body and our weight.

Let’s look at things a bit differently.

Here a few simple strategies you can implement, and rethink how you look at weight loss and a healthy body.

What’s healthiest and best for one person doesn’t mean it is for you.

We all know there is no “magic pill”, and that the latest and greatest trend in “diets” is not the perfect fit for everyone. There is no one thing in nutrition and fitness that works for everyone. It is wise to educate yourself on healthy living and I recommend you see what feels right for you, and encourage you to “try” out different ideas for you own health. Be open minded about seeing what will work for you outside the walls of what is the most popular weight-loss and fitness advice.

Your body has innate wisdom, can you hear it?

This is really one of my favorite anecdotes for getting in tune with what is best for our own body. Think about how miraculous your body is, how it manages and handles thousand of intricate process by the milliseconds.  For almost 10 years I had horrific stomach problems, and anemia most of my life, my digestive system was trying to tell me something. Then in early 2002, I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue. Of course, not everyone will have an autoimmune disorder, but it took me almost 10 years to get diagnosed. Had I been a bit more in tune I could have saved myself years of agony. Listen to your body and how it responds to certain foods, drinks, your breath, and your thoughts, I can almost guarantee it will give you clues.

Your relationship with food and your body impacts your health and body more powerfully than the food you eat.

This is a powerful concept to grasp. When someone truly understands this all of a sudden their entire struggle with their weight and body changes, the stress and anxiety are released and they are able to seek what they desire for their health with much more ease.

When we feel anger, resentment and/or stress our physical body is “fighting” to do its job. This stress can affect our ability to digest food and it’s nutrients properly, decrease nutrient absorption, increase cortisol production (therefore belly fat), decrease gut flora, which leads to immune problems, decrease nutrient absorption, decreased gut flora which can lead to immune problems, decrease in thyroid hormone which can lead to a slower metabolism, and a decrease in thermic efficiency (calorie burn is diminished).  When the relationship with food and body shifts to positive and empowering beliefs the body can work to the greatest potential.

What these few strategies offer is a unique way to stress less, eat healthily, and quit the constant battle of trying to lose weight. These may be part of the perfect solution to achieve those physical, emotional, mental and lifestyle goals you have had for years.

Believe in your innate ability and strength. What if you could trust yourself to make the best choices for your body, mind, and soul? Imagine you are living and feeling the way you desire. I believe in you.

Written by Deb Gutierrez
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