How do you define “family”?

How do you define “family”?

Most people think of their family as related by blood or marriage. I don’t. I define my family as the people who really know me and are consistently there for me. Some of them share my blood and some of them don’t.

Either way, we share a bond of love, acceptance and commitment to supporting each other through life. They know who they are because we openly express and affirm our relationship.

I invite you to think about who has been there for you through up and down periods of your life. Consider whether they are like family to you, and whether they know how much they mean to you. If so, use this time to remind them. If not, tell them.

Recently, I’ve suffered some losses that were unexpected and I never got to tell them how I felt. They are gone forever. I no longer think I have all the time in the world to let people know how I feel. The truth is that this could be the last holiday. We just don’t know.

So, in case you don’t know, I am grateful for you. You are part of my tribe, my Glow family, and I appreciate you for showing up and shining your light in my life.

Have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy the people that make up the family in your heart, by blood or by bond.


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