We don’t always know how powerful we are, and how much our moods and emotional states can affect others.

Imagine being in a pretty good mood and then encountering a friend who is really angry about something. As they are ranting and raving about what they are angry about, what is happening in your body? Do you think their anger, even if it’s directed at someone else, is affecting you? Do you feel like pulling away from that person and disengaging? If so, they are most likely unconsciously repelling you with their anger by sending out what I call “energy arrows” that are penetrating you in negative ways.

I believe our energy arrows correspond with our emotions, and that people are penetrated by them as we encounter them throughout our day. It’s important to understand good communication techniques in order to protect others from our moods.

Our energy arrows go into their body and make them feel a certain way depending on what we are sending. Energy arrows can also be referred to as vibrations and magnetic fields.

Imagine times when you’ve been super happy. As you go through your day, you may find yourself more open to coming in contact with strangers, smiling at them, and/or helping them with something. Your smile and openness are sending positive energy arrows of happiness to them.

What have you seen happen during these times? Do people smile back or make an effort to get to know you? Do they seem more attracted to you?

I believe we absolutely impact the people around us by the energy we give off. And, we also impact what we attract into our lives as a result. We have the power to repel or attract people with our awareness and conscious creation of energy arrows.

How do you use your arrows, and how has it served you in meeting your goals for success in your relationships?

How do you protect yourself from the energy arrows that are coming at you throughout the day? If you don’t have healthy boundaries, it’s easy for other people to affect your emotions.

You can start off in a good mood and get brought down easily by someone you come in contact with that is in a negative state. Its important to learn how to allow people to be in your presence regardless of their emotional state and the arrows they are giving off without getting negatively affected.

Sometimes it’s impossible not to be affected because you’re empathic and care about them, however, there are visualizations and other techniques for not getting wounded by other people’s arrows.


  • Visualize a protective forcefield around yourself that allows their arrows to bounce off without penetrating you.
  • Visualize holding a basket that can receive their arrows so that they can vent without receiving them into your body.

Communication Technique

  1. Mirror what they are saying so they can feel seen and heard. Sometimes people just need to be heard in order to calm down. You can do this even if you don’t agree with them. You can say, “What I am hearing you say is …., did I get that right?” Understanding doesn’t mean you are agreeing.
  2. Go on to say “From your perspective, I can see why you feel that way.” You still may not agree, but they will feel validated.
  3. If you do agree and have had a similar experience, you can say “I understand and have experienced something similar.” This will provide them with empathy.

There are more techniques for this and I’d love to hear what works for you. Please feel free to write me back with anything you’d like to share. Meanwhile, observe the giving and receiving of energy arrows. As you grow more conscious of them, you can use them in powerful ways.

If you’ve taken on too much of other people’s energy and its weighing you down, read this article Are You a Bubble or a Sponge?


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