How are you feeling? Are you experiencing any health issues or even mild symptoms like brain fog, low energy, muscle or headaches, or depression?

If you are, your health “root” is compromised. In teaching my Root-to-Rise program, I always start with health and fitness because if you’re not feeling well, its impossible to rise up, let alone rise out of bed!

I use “roots” to represent the different areas of your life that you value, such as health, family, romance, career, and friends. They can be measured based on how strong they are to bring your life the foundation you need to rise up from them and reach for your life goals and aspirations.

If your answer is “No, I feel great!” That’s awesome and I recommend you keep reading to prevent future health challenges.

If you’re answer is “Yes, I don’t feel 100%,” then consider focusing on your health this week as a priority. There are things you can do immediately to help yourself.

I’m not a doctor, and I believe everyone should find resources to support their individual situations. I’m a health buff and happy to share my experience…

I recently got a 1-2 punch after getting a routine blood test. The first punch was getting results that showed signs of Hypothyroidism. The second punch was a throat culture that showed Strep! Although I’m not on any regular prescription drugs, I had to get on antibiotics immediately, and may have to consider thyroid medication. For the next three months, I’m doing everything I can to improve my levels in hopes that a retest will show natural improvement.

Here are my strategies that you may want to consider for yourself:

1. Honestly evaluate how you are doing related to these five factors that create chronic disease (per Dr. Amy Myers in The Autoimmune Solution):

  • Diet
  • Digestion
  • Toxins
  • Infections
  • Stress

2. Bring pH to 6.0 – 6.8 for ideal balance of acid-alkalinity. Use pH strips each morning to test urine. In 4 days, I went from 5.25 to 6.0 by drinking organic lemon water, eating greens (including juicing), and eliminating sugar and gluten. See The Acid Alkaline Food Guide

3. Cut out all inflammatory foods. Google a list from a credible source. It will likely include alcohol, gluten, casein, bad oils (safflower, sunflower, soy, corn oil), processed and fatty meats, dairy, fast and fried food, soda and syrups, etc. I stopped coffee but that’s another conversation for a day when I’m not missing my only addiction!

4. Get adequate testing. I had no idea about the hypothyroidism until I got tested and looked at the symptoms. Mine are low grade and I got used to them being “normal”. No one is “thriving” when they have symptoms. They are warning signs of something that may be preventable through proper self-care and emotional healing. Get tested to PREVENT problems. Don’t wait until you are already sick.

5. Exercise and de-stress everyday. Hit it hard when you are feeling strong and pay attention when you’re not. On those days, honor yourself and do yoga or go for a walk. To relax, consider journaling, meditating, massage, hot tub, sauna or steam.

There are other things you can do such as eliminate or reduce toxins in your home, beauty care and ingestibles. For now, start by asking yourself what you are truly willing to do (and, yes, give up) in order to feel amazing! In just 5 days, I’m already back to the gym and crushing it! ; )

I’d love to hear about what works for you. Share your comments on this blog page I created for us. Thanks!



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  1. Author
    Chandra Lynn 7 years ago

    Make sure to check your Vitamin D and B12 levels too. They are often low in most people.

  2. Deb Gutierrez 7 years ago

    This is valuable information to share. I have found as a Health and Fitness Coach it can be more than confusing to figure out the best foods to eat for each individual. Many times we know what to do and we follow through and still struggle with energy, weight, sleep and other health issues. Much has changed due to environmental and stress factors. There is certainly a lot of avenues to follow. However it is wise to follow one piece of age old advice . Yiur grandmother is right “Eat Your Vegetables”


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