Glowing with Gratitude

My heart glows with love and gratitude for you…following, engaging, striving, caring and giving back. Thank you from the core of my being for being present in my life and participating in my life’s calling…to help people love life.
I’ve found the key to loving life is balancing your roots (career, relationships, health, family and friends), and rising up with vision, and I feel grateful that my Root-to-Rise course is helping people do this for themselves. (Watch out for a holiday special offer on the course soon.)
I’m also deeply grateful for newfound success in two partnerships:
1. Kristen Dessange of Sacred Life Circle, offering a membership program for women called Own Your Throne, a journey to soul sovereignty. We opened enrollment so check it out at OwnYourThrone.org.
2. Cynthia Smith of 3 Ring Circus, offering marketing services to health/wellness, new technology, and other clients.
This Fall, I’ve been focusing on releasing the old and creating a vision for myself and Glow for 2020. I’ve had to make some very hard choices to suspend some of the resources I’ve relied on in the past, and before adding them back, I want to hear from you on how I can best help you make 2020 a milestone year.
Look out for a survey that will give you a chance to tell me how I can best support you with your 2020 goals and transformations. I really appreciate your feedback and it will help me serve you at my highest level. You are always welcome to call me directly or book yourself right into my calendar here: https://go.oncehub.com/ChandraLynn
Until then, have a magical Thanksgiving!!

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