As we encounter people throughout the day, we have a choice about how their energy affects us. We can either absorb it like a sponge or let it bounce off of our protective energy bubble. If we’re too permissive with letting people’s negative energy in, we can start to feel our own outlook get more negative. It may also show up as feeling serious, heavy, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, depressed, etc.

Protect your energy!

The best protection is to not let the negative energy affect you in the first place. However, this is hard for most people, especially empaths. Practice healthy boundaries and say no to putting yourself in positions that will put you in the direct line of fire. If it’s unavoidable, I’ve been taught to visualize a protective energy bubble around you and imagine the other person on the outside of it with their energy bouncing off of it.

Another way that came from one of my teachers is to imagine yourself holding a basket and letting their energy pour into the basket, instead of into you. You can visualize yourself dumping the basket afterward. Sometimes, even when you try not to let things in, they can still affect you.

Ring out the sponge!

Holding on to negative energy, especially when it’s coming in from external forces, accumulates and can make us sick. Some ideas for releasing it include:

1. Journal about the experience and ask yourself what you need to do to process in a healthy way. How possible is it that the experience triggered you, or revealed something you need to pay attention to? If so, what can you learn from it before releasing it?
2. Write out what you want to happen as if it has already happened, and burn it to release the energy.
3. Exercise and eat whole foods. Getting endorphins and feeding yourself with the vitamins and minerals you need will help you feel more balanced.
4. Get out in nature and listen for internal wisdom to arise. Taking in the beauty and seeing how big the world is can help us let go of the small stuff.
5. Practice self-care to rebuild your positive energy. When you give to yourself, positivity grows.
6. Ask for help from a professional or trusted advisor.
7. Increase whatever spiritual practices that work for you.
8. Listen to upbeat music, sing your heart out, watch funny movies…generally add positive vibes into your life.
9. Schedule time with the friends and family that brighten your life.
10. Cry it out. Sometimes we have to feel and deal with the negativity that comes up in order to heal from it. Let it process through and wash over you…and give it a time limit so you don’t get stuck there. You’ll know when it’s enough, so follow your instincts. FEEL + DEAL = HEAL

I’d love to hear your ideas for protecting your own energy and releasing toxic energy from others. Please comment to add to this list so that the Glow Living community can benefit from your wisdom.

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Shout Outs:

Thanks to Kristen Dessange of Sacred Life Circle for your guidance on these areas.

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