Happy Spring! Can you see the stirrings of new growth in nature? The seeds germinated during the Winter fallow period and are now cracking open with seedlings bursting forth. This is the energy of new beginnings and the perfect time to take the first steps towards your goals.

In January, we planted the seeds of inspiration, and in February we imagined manifesting them as though they were part of our lives. Now, March is the time to take action and leverage this time of year to benefit from being in rhythm with nature.

Through this month on Glow’s social channels, we are posting reminders to #MakeItHappen.

March is a time of the archetype of the Warrior/Warrioress. This means that it’s the perfect time of year to take action and progress towards your goals.

I invite you to break down the next steps towards your most meaningful goals, and start checking off the boxes. If you feel any apprehension, observe it and stay in a state of wonder about why it came up. Sometimes, fears and doubts arise as we embark on new things. Just acknowledge them and focus on all of the reasons why you want the end result of the goals you’ve set out.

Next month will be the month of the Lover archetype and it will be time to continue to manifest your desires,  and take time for self-care and embodied pleasures to reward yourself for going for your goals.

I invite you to do these steps:

1) Decide on the first goal you’d like to commit to.

2) Write a list of steps necessary to accomplish it. Chunk it up so that its doable and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete it.

2) Journal around any fears and doubts that come up. Acknowledge them and write down your motivations to push past them. Review them as resistance arises.

3) Take the first step or two, and give yourself some kind of reward that will keep you motivated.

Make it happen & love life!


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