Great Decisions = Great Life!

Take the quiz to learn the hidden forces driving your decisions

Great Decisions = Great Life!

Learn the Hidden Forces Behind Your Decision-making and Quality of Life

Our decisions contribute greatly to the quality of our lives.

Although most people make the best decisions they can, there are six hidden forces that are driving our decisions and largely responsible for whether we’re happy. Uncovering them has helped many people improve their lives and I want you in on it now so that you can make impactful decisions THIS WEEK!

External factors can affect our life conditions, and our internal driving forces can take control if we are not conscious of them.

Have you ever decided to play it safe instead of try something new? Or, have you tried something new despite knowing there were risks? These opposite decisions are driven by a different hidden force which can change the trajectory of your life.

The Glow team has created two free resources that will illuminate how the six hidden forces have played a pivotal role in your decision-making so that you can consciously use them to make better decisions.

1. Hidden Forces Quiz – Nine questions to show you which of the six forces is primarily driving your decisions.

2. Hidden Forces Training – One-hour free video training that goes into depth about each of the six forces and how they can impact each of your life root areas…health, romantic relationship, career, family and friends.

The training video will also describe how you can apply the hidden forces to your life through our Root-to-Rise online courses for real transformation. Watch the whole training for a special offer and free gifts so that you can change what’s not working and start to RISE!!

After this training, you’ll be on your way to making amazing life decisions this week!



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