Honestly, 2020 exhausted me and I took a welcomed break to celebrate the holidays. However, I started to dread New Years because I wanted to feel refreshed, optimistic, and motivated to reach for new roles and rise up, and just didn’t feel inspired.

Like gratitude, inspiration can requires time and energy to focus on it. To illuminate my path for the New Year, I created 31 images with what inspires me and am sharing one each day on my social media. This is reconnecting me with my inspirations and also helping to inspire others.

If you’re feeling low energy, I invite you to follow my social and engage around what inspires you. This will help you to become clear on what you want to attract in 2021. Together, we can amass a list of inspirations that helps us individually and raises the vibes of our collective community.

I also invite you to consider that Winter is a fallow period. This means that we can plant seeds of intention now.  You will need to have patience to wait for them to germinate and sprout in the Spring.

January is a time of the archetype of the Visionary.  If you’re feeling foggy about what you want to create this year, its okay and the perfect time to allow for new visions to come in for increased clarity.

Note that I said “allow” and not “force” which leads to confusion, frustration and more fogginess. Allowing means asking yourself questions and listening/seeing what comes up from the standpoint of an observer. Don’t judge them yet, just allow them to flow. Journal them out.

Once you’ve documented all of your visions, then you can weigh out the pros and cons, and create an action plan.


I invite you to do these 3 steps:

1) Identify your inspirations.

2) Allow for new visions and journal about them by asking yourself what you want, why you want it, and what you are willing to do about it.

3)Determine which visions you want to hold on to and which you want to let go of.


Be inspirational & love life!




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