The universe is ever expanding, and on this New Years morning I took stock in all of the ways that I expanded in 2018. It was way more than I realized, and here are a few of my lessons learned so that you can hopefully grow from them too:

1. I went on a trip to Iceland with three besties. It was a destination that they wanted to check off their bucket list, and in all honesty, I hadn’t given it much thought before they brought it up. It ended up being one of the best trips of my life, and it added adventure, beauty, connection to nature and friends, and amazing memories to my life. This experience taught me to OPEN MYSELF UP to other people’s ideas and ALLOW for new experiences that push beyond my boundaries. 

2. I had the goal of finishing my Root-to-Rise course in 2018 and I’d say its about 95% done. It was a WAY bigger effort than I ever thought. When people asked about its readiness, I’d feel a bit embarrassed that it was taking so long to complete. Then I realized that, for the second time in my life, I was in a birthing process that couldn’t be rushed. The first time what when I had my son Kai. There was no way around the 9 months it took for him to be born. Root-to-Rise started as one course that grew to a two-part course for training individuals, and now has an additional version for corporate wellness. It was like thinking you had one baby and finding out its twins! I learned a lot from this process:

  • Its difficult for force patience, so instead I focus on Abayasa…persistent effort. Making some progress every day helped me feel like I was in the flow, and allowed me to get excited about what I was creating instead of frustrated by how long it was taking.
  • I have to do things I’m not good at or comfortable with in order to achieve my goals. For example, to finish the courses, I had to spend a whole day shooting direct-to-camera teaching videos. I had to get over how I came across on camera and being perfect at my delivery. I just focused on my intention to help people love life, and that the videos would be part of the legacy I’d leave behind.
  • I have wisdom that is worthy of sharing. Some creators face imposter syndrome, and there were times when I felt insecure about the value of what I was offering. Its now been validated by students and I feel sure of myself and what I’ve created.

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3. With my increased focus and dedication to Glow Living, my client work for Glow Marketing started to dry up which left me at a deficit every month. I experienced more financial insecurity than I’ve felt in a long time, and its been scary. What I learned is that there is an abundance out there, even when we see scarcity on the news and all around us. Its up to us to be resourceful, apply ourselves, and stay true to what we really want in life even when it means investing through lean times.

These are just a few of my many life lessons this year. I’d love to hear yours so that we can learn from each other to grow and expand. 

Get ready for a lot of messages about Root-to-Rise this year. My hope is that each of you take the course, either in person or online, so that we can all RISE together in 2019 and beyond. 

Love Life. Love you!

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