January brought huge change in our community. One of our member’s lost his wife; another member landed a huge music endorsement deal; my biggest marketing client went from a secure retainer to occasional projects; and many more stories of radical change are being relayed every day. Some changes are good and some are hard to see the gifts they bring in the moment.

What I am taking away is how important (now more than ever) that we recommit to what is meaningful to us. We can’t take anything for granted. In one day, our whole entire life can change, and bring uncertainty which can lead to fear or excitement.

Two of our human needs are certainty and uncertainty. Things that cause uncertainty are often feared, however we actually need it to add excitement, spice and growth to our life. If you are a someone that craves a lot of certainty and security, you may not welcome change despite its blessings. I’ve found that the more uncertainty we can handle, the happier we are. Stability is comfortable but it can also cause rigidity and lack of growth. Its important to balance certainty and uncertainty with uncertainty and variety.

When in uncertain times, which we are most certainly in, I invite you too look closely at your need for certainty and any fears that come up without it. Then consider all of the things you actually do have in your life that are certain and stable. Root down by putting your focus, attention and energy into those things.

For example, I once coached a man through a divorce and he was at a point where he was only able to focus on how much things were changing, loss and fear. I was able to show him areas of certainty such as his stable job and income, child that still wanted his love, friends and family that were there for him, and other things he could count on. Once he brought his focus back to these areas, he felt infinitely more secure and was able to take the necessary actions to dissolve a bad relationship in an amicable way. He is now thriving and recently expressed his gratitude because he just got a promotion and is happy with his new path.

Currently, I have no idea where my next dollar is coming from. And, I know it will come. I believe in abundance and have already seen new opportunities arise in a matter of days. I’m seeing this transitionary time as an opportunity to evaluate what I want and create a renewed commitment to attracting the right things. I’ve never once lost interest in Glow Living, but I have feared that it will not be able to sustain me financially. I don’t know if I will ever monetize my efforts, but when I put my focus on it, I feel like I’m being true to myself. I have also experienced enough confirmations to know I’m on the right path and to stay the course. So here I am. Here we are.

Let’s do this…uncertainty, excitement, fear and all!!


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