Is it time to rethink weight loss?

We have this one precious, miraculous body to fuel us each day to do the things we deem are important and vital to our personal life. I know it can be complicated, and may at times seem impossible to create a body and life you love. I am not here to talk you into believing that achieving your ideal weight

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Why do we hold on to want others think about our body?

By Glow Circles Member Deb Gutierrez, founder of Solfit Life Say bye bye to feeling bad about your looks. ~ OPRAH WINFREY I am the first to admit it is damn hard to not care or worry what others, women, in particular, think about how we look, how we act, and what we post on Social Media. There is no

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Six Figure Coach Publishes Feature Article from Chandra Lynn of GlowLiving.com

I got published! I’m excited to share this article I wrote for The Six Figure Coach Magazine called Defining Your Path to Success about consciously creating your roadmap to success and fulfillment. Here is the SlideShare of the whole article. If you want to read the full magazine, get a free subscription at http://thesixfigurecoach.com/   The Six Figure Coach Magazine Features

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Journey Through Menopause

By Glow Living Member Natalie Nickel Kavanaugh Recently when opening Facebook, a memory came up from 2009. I posted that I had gained 15 lbs seemingly overnight. Even though I wasn’t doing anything differently, I suddenly had a muffin top and couldn’t button my jeans. I was 46 years so I thought, middle age. Ugh, middle age. Along with the

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Men Only: Join New Private FB Group ‘Glow Living for Men’

We just launched a new private Facebook group for men only called Glow Living for Men. Initially, we will focus on supporting men who want to rise up after a romantic loss. If you want support or to provide support , please request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/glow4men/  

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How Disney World Led Me to Glow Living’s True Purpose

How Disney World Led Me to Glow Living’s True Purpose By Chandra Lynn Someone asked me why I’m creating Glow Living. Why is this such a hard question? At first I thought its to help people. But really its not. Of course I want my efforts to ultimately help people, even if its just because they saw something that made

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Guitar Girl Magazine Interviews Chandra Lynn

So excited to announce the publication of this interview from Guitar Girl Magazine on guitargirlmag.com. Here is an excerpt from the article: Music industry veteran Chandra Lynn launched Glow Marketing LLC in January 2000 as a marketing consulting business for the music industry and consumer goods. However, she founded her company with a different twist: providing inspiration, positive influence, and

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Lessons Learned Interview with Omar & Rachel Hakim is Now Live!

Legendary Drummer Omar Hakim & Keyboardist Rachel Z Every musician experiences ups and downs on the road of life, but you can avoid big pitfalls by taking other people’s advice to heart. In this session, Chandra Lynn takes her “Lessons Learned” video interview series to the NAMM Idea Center’s live stage for hard-won wisdom from legendary drummer Omar Hakim (Sting,

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The #1 Google Search for New Years Is…

Guess what New Year’s resolution was the most searched on Google (per data company Quanti)? “Get Healthy” with over 62 million searches.  Whether it’s New Years or not, its always a good time to decide to “get healthy”. But what does that really mean? Most people think of it as losing weight. I invite you to consider that its much more.

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Glow Living’s Lessons Learned Goes Live with Omar Hakim & Rachel Z

Glow Living (www.glowliving.com) is excited to announce the expansion of its Lessons Learned series to provide a first-ever live interview at The NAMM Show 2017 featuring elite drummer Omar Hakim (Sting, David Bowie, Journey, Madonna) and pianist extraordinaire Rachel Z (Peter Gabriel, Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead, Vertu). Glow Living’s host Chandra Lynn, an MI marketing veteran and certified coach (Tony

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FB Live Video: Time to Rebalance & Lead Positively

BALANCE. Join me as a positive force to rebalance the energy that flows through everything. Negative forces are always present. Resist becoming one by taking great care with every thought, word and intention. Summon your positivity for this important mission to restore and foster balance. Your energy makes a difference, and you are needed! 💙 The 2016 election caused a

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Lessons Learned with Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer Dave Isaac

Grammy-Winning Producer/Engineer Dave Isaac talks about growing up in Motown and how he knew music was his calling, and how his father’s early work with James Brown helped inspire him to become the award-winning music industry professional he is today. He also shares how to believe in yourself during the ups and downs on the synewave of life; how to

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