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Recommitting to What’s Meaningful

January brought huge change in our community. One of our member’s lost his wife; another member landed a huge music endorsement deal; my biggest marketing client went from a secure retainer to occasional projects; and many more stories of radical change are being relayed every day. Some changes are good and some are hard to see the gifts they bring

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Men Only: Join New Private FB Group ‘Glow Living for Men’

We just launched a new private Facebook group for men only called Glow Living for Men. Initially, we will focus on supporting men who want to rise up after a romantic loss. If you want support or to provide support , please request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/glow4men/  

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Who Controls Your Emotions?

Do You Control Your Emotions or Do They Control You? By Chandra Lynn Is there ever a good time to feel sad, depressed or angry? Not really, but it happens to all of us and it usually floods us at inopportune times. I used to feel victim to flooding emotions, and occasionally I still do, but I have a much

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How Disney World Led Me to Glow Living’s True Purpose

How Disney World Led Me to Glow Living’s True Purpose By Chandra Lynn Someone asked me why I’m creating Glow Living. Why is this such a hard question? At first I thought its to help people. But really its not. Of course I want my efforts to ultimately help people, even if its just because they saw something that made

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What do you “deserve”?

Today’s topic is something that holds a lot of people back, especially creatives, and its about the need to raise our standards for what we think we “deserve”. If you have thoughts or reactions that keep you from the things you aspire to, its likely because you don’t think you deserve the outcome deep down. Our brains manufacture reasons why

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4 Steps to Feeling Good Enough

A theme that keeps coming up in my coaching is a fear that everyone has on some level, and that is that they aren’t good enough. I call it the “not enough syndrome” and it manifests itself in different ways, usually starting with low quality of thoughts in response to an idea or opportunity. Have you ever heard the voice

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Do you have a scarcity mentality?

A common fear is scarcity, that there isn’t enough or that we aren’t enough. It’s amazing how this fear can turn into habitualized limiting thoughts. Recently, as I reported in my last letter, I had a challenge to my financial security. Since then, I’ve carefully observed my thoughts and heard them tell me all kinds of crazy things. I thought of

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Lessons Learned Interview with Omar & Rachel Hakim is Now Live!

Legendary Drummer Omar Hakim & Keyboardist Rachel Z Every musician experiences ups and downs on the road of life, but you can avoid big pitfalls by taking other people’s advice to heart. In this session, Chandra Lynn takes her “Lessons Learned” video interview series to the NAMM Idea Center’s live stage for hard-won wisdom from legendary drummer Omar Hakim (Sting,

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Glow Living’s Lessons Learned Goes Live with Omar Hakim & Rachel Z

Glow Living (www.glowliving.com) is excited to announce the expansion of its Lessons Learned series to provide a first-ever live interview at The NAMM Show 2017 featuring elite drummer Omar Hakim (Sting, David Bowie, Journey, Madonna) and pianist extraordinaire Rachel Z (Peter Gabriel, Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead, Vertu). Glow Living’s host Chandra Lynn, an MI marketing veteran and certified coach (Tony

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FB Live Video: Time to Rebalance & Lead Positively

BALANCE. Join me as a positive force to rebalance the energy that flows through everything. Negative forces are always present. Resist becoming one by taking great care with every thought, word and intention. Summon your positivity for this important mission to restore and foster balance. Your energy makes a difference, and you are needed! 💙 The 2016 election caused a

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Lessons Learned with Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer Dave Isaac

Grammy-Winning Producer/Engineer Dave Isaac talks about growing up in Motown and how he knew music was his calling, and how his father’s early work with James Brown helped inspire him to become the award-winning music industry professional he is today. He also shares how to believe in yourself during the ups and downs on the synewave of life; how to

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How To Let Fall Bring Positive Change

How To Let Fall Bring Positive Change Do you have anything that you wish you would just go away…some extra pounds, a toxic relationship, a debt, or other nuisance? Consider using the changing of the seasons to aid you in making long overdue life changes. As the leaves fall and turn different colors, you can let things go that no

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